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  1. If you're reading this, Hello to you and Happy Holidays. Just wanted to quickly update about my skin since using Spiro. Some days are good and some days are bad. I think I started taking August 10 or 18th, but basically 4 months of being on spiro and different bc. I still have acne- all types. Some days it looks better and some days I feel like it hasn't changed a bit. I still can't seem to take it at the same time 2x a day, but I take it at least. Hopefully gonna see big changes soon. Recently
  2. Well, let me just say that I am a few days away from my 2 month mark of taking spiro. It honestly feels like it should be way longer than that! I really haven't seen much change. I have noticed that I am gradually getting less oily, which is great because I HATED my oil production, but it's still not my dream of clear baby soft skin. I never really realized how bad my acne has gotten over the years until I recently looked at old pictures. I remember thinking it was bad then when I was in high sc
  3. So it has been 5 days since my original post. I know it is still too early to really see a big difference, but I feel that my skin appears less oily throughout the day. I also think that my acne hasn't gotten any worse. I will say I had some new pimples come up, but they haven't been too painful or caused major swelling. Still frequently having to pee.
  4. Awh thank you! So far everything seems to be going smoothly. I hope the same for you
  5. First things first, let me give you the 411 about my face. I suffer from very combo skin. I am dry, oily, and acne prone- moderate to severe acne. The oil is in my t-zone, dryness comes and goes. My acne is on my chin, cheeks, and wherever else it decides to be when it wants. Basically suffered with acne since puberty (age 14/15) As I got (and still get) older it has worsened. I used to think it was bad, but now I wish I could go back to the days where it was better than currently is. Once I was