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  1. Anyone has tried these drops? http://buy.homeopathystore.in/dr_reckeweg_...tle_of_22ml.htm
  2. my whole skin is coverd by scabs right now, I couldnt stop myself.. I just wish I could rip my skin off and replace with new one - better and smooth..I can perfectly understand how you feel..so chin up..and you are not alone there.. hugs me - - - >
  3. " pain is a boundless concept like darkness " ...
  4. I'm sitting in front of computer and crying..... Soon my boyfriend will be back from work..so I will have to go to bathroom and cry in hiden..he hates when I start this subject with acnes.. thank you all for nice words and understaning ....which I can't get here in my life... Okay, so I haven't tried everything coz I haven't tried accutane.. but ! the thing is that any time I go to dermatologist she always belittle my problem with acnes and says that I dont need any pills, and other ppl have w
  5. I think I have already tried everything and believe me, without make-up I look terrible... sometimes it's better sometimes worse, but I always have acnes... I will never get rid of them and it makes me crazy , besides I'm addicted to squeezing them..so imagine how my face looks right now.. I look better when I dont squeeze but I cant stop myself. now I have at least 3 huge open wounds.... and I regret what I did..but its too late. vicious circle. I dont want to live like that. Trying, pra
  6. I cant stand it any more. nothing works for me. and no one understands. Im loosing my life. everything. another fucking weekend in home. another fucking day in home. fucking hate myself. my boyfriend cant get the fact that I feel so fucking ugly which stops me from going out. everyone is saying : you look good, you dont have much acnes, stop exaggerating, stop acting like a child, stop pitying yourelf. yeahhhhhhh.fucking yeahh.I'm done.