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  1. thanks...it's just been so hard, esp. since i'm taking tough classes this semester. but i really appreciate the support.
  2. the cetaphil cream moisturizer is good...really thick and long-lasting. it's a bit pricy but it's worth the money. i think it goes for $10 or so, and it comes in a little tub. i used to use dove w/ spf too, and since accutane i've switched to cetaphil for everything. good luck!
  3. I'm on my 2nd month of treatment, and I haven't heard anything about this being a side effect, but I have been having SERIOUS trouble concentrating since I started the medication. I am constantly spacing out, it takes me twice as long to do all my reading, and I can have entire conversations with people and not remember a thing. The only thing that's really changed in the past two months is me going on this medication, and about 2 weeks into it is when the trouble concentrating started. Has a
  4. due to all the dryness the corner of my mouth split open on one side about 2-3 weeks ago. i've tried heavy-duty moisturizers, vitamin e oil, aloe vera...none of it is helping it to heal. it's so dry that when it scabs up it splits open again. anyone else have a similar experience and know of something that could help? it's pretty painful & disgusting-looking!
  5. initially a dermatologist prescribed me the accutane but a PA oversees my case and she's the one that i see every month and call with questions and stuff. they CAN prescribe it if it's approved by an active physician. i think the actual name on the prescription every month is the MD though. also, my acne was about the same as yours. i am almost 20 and have had acne since i was 12, though it was very mild then. i think accutane could really help you, and i'm sure if you talked to your dermat
  6. i'm having the same problem, and it's especially bad since i'm at my palest this time of year. i've tried vitamin e oil and it only seems to make a difference temporarily. the only thing i'd say it's good for is if you have an extremely dry spot that is cracking and bleeding. some people recommend aloe vera gel so you could try that. just make sure it's 100% pure aloe vera gel because stuff with other ingredients might irritate your skin!
  7. hey guys, has anyone here broken out in rashes from their accutane? i'm only on my 2nd month and last time i visited my derm i showed her how i had these tiny red bumps on my hands where my hair is. she said it was probably folliculitis and gave me some extra strength moisturizer for my hands. but tonight while i was watching tv my arm started itching and the bumps had spread from my hand all the way down my arm like halfway to my elbow. my mom gave me some cortisone and that seemed to calm
  8. Johnson & Johnson has this cream lotion stuff that you can get at Wal-Mart or stores like that. It's called Purpose Redness Reducing Lotion. I think it's between $8 and $10 or so. My mom uses it for rosacea and I tried it the other day and it seems to work well. Good luck! I had that at first but it went away pretty fast.
  9. Don't take extra Vitamin A...Basically what Accutane is is a huge dose of Vitamin A, so if you take extra you could risk reaching toxic levels of vitamin A in your system. Get fish oil w/out vitamin A. I just started taking fish oil supplements a couple days ago and I think my Accutane is working better already, and my hair is shinier, too!
  10. i've had a loss of appetite too! not as severe as yours, but it was especially bad the first month i took it. i kinda had to force myself to eat even though i wasn't hungry. i'm already at a low weight for my height so i can't really afford to lose any weight. just try to eat anyways, and hopefully you'll be like me and your appetite will come back.
  11. i can't see why you don't qualify for accutane. my skin sounds a lot like yours, VERY VERY OILY except with cystic acne, and not a lot of whiteheads/blackheads. i remember exactly what you're talking about...just 20 minutes after washing my face it would be oily. my makeup would never last me through the day and the crazy amount of oil was at the root of many of my breakouts. i think you should give it a shot with the dermatologist. most of them are very understanding about the psychologica