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  1. I am finishing up my course. As a fellow person who had trouble leaving the house, I would trade a little joint pain for the abilities I now have (i.e. get ready quickly in the morning, go anywhere any time, don't worry when getting sweaty, etc.). If you want to make yourself paranoid reading the side effects page, note how many people are doing severe physical activity (workouts, sports). My way to counter this was to not work out and avoid strenuous activities during the course. Also, afte
  2. I know someone who stopped halfway, and their skin looks better than before. However, they still wish to someday do the full course.
  3. I just finished my course, yes it is normal. My serious advice for that IB is don't screw with any of it. Do not pick/push, they will amazingly start going away. A couple times I couldn't resist, and now I regret it as I am completely clear, but have to wait for some scarring to fade.
  4. I coated my balls in hydro-cortisone to no avail. I'm scared to put IcyHotâ„¢ on my balls.
  5. Yes, I feel the same way, the cleanser is gentle, but I just wash longer and harder... so it's not all that gentle.
  6. Pinchin and rollin just isn't cutting it. Is it okay to put Aquaphor on my balls?
  7. Yes, I notice this and it kind of sucks because you'll have stopped antibiotics and the stuff that was there heals slowly. Haven't seen much new though other than minors, which is good.
  8. I quit working out during my accutane dose. Seems like a bad idea to me, going to take it easy on the joints...
  9. I'm on 8th or 9th day of Clavaris. Day 3-6 were intense/violent dreams, but have subsided a bit now.
  10. Personal Perspective: I was a normal kid, in high school and college had a lot of friends and went out all the time. Always a bit of moderate acne. For some reason in my early to mid twenties I began getting cystic type. I eventually lost my girlfriend, most friends, quit going out, and hardly doing a thing. Just started accutane, I can deal with some side effects. Sitting around in one's house all day other than going to work is not a life. A fair trade imo.
  11. My month supply of Clavaris was $10 with insurance.