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  1. Hi all, This is a progress post. Pics at the bottom. My skin continues to heal, and it feels better everyday. Sometimes I get little breakouts. But they are so minor and they dont come to a head. They just disappear in a day or two as long as I leave it alone. My skin is smooth and not as dry. The only problem I encountered was when I had a drink during virtual happy hour at work. I had an unsweetened gin and tonic and broke out the next two days between my eyebrows. I was a little an
  2. Hi All, I realize I forgot to post my daily routine in my last post. So here it is for those interested: It’s important to note that I have been on this routine for about 5 months already. And my skin only started healing about 3 weeks ago after I started my diet. So to be clear, my skin healing is because of my diet. But I thought I would post my routine anyways. Morning: Splash with cold water Pat dry with towel Apply Zerafite or Atopalm moisturizer
  3. Hi all, My last post detailed the elimination diet for yall. I talked a little about my personal experience too but now I’m going to dig a lil deeper. In my caveman regimen blog, my first post ever talks about how my acne developed. The short of it is this: I had clear skin up until I was 18. I never used soap on my face growing up. Just water. I started using products when I went off to college. I started breaking out and it got progressively worse every year. You can see my skin at
  4. Thanks for your comment. I will be looking into that. I definitely suspect insulin resistance. Though I never really had a sweet tooth, my family has a history of type 2 diabetes so insulin resistance would make sense.
  5. Hi All, This post is about how I got started on my elimination diet, what approach I took and why. I thought I could give some insight for people who have never heard of the elimination diet. Forewarning: long post. Don’t even know how to begin tl:dr -ing this. Sorry! For some background, I used to be on caveman regimen for three months. I have another blog here about that. It didn’t work for me, so I went back to regular old moisturizing and cleansing for several months before I
  6. Hi all, I’m resurrecting this blog because I have made significant progress and I really wanted to share it with you all. And I wanted to catch you up on how I got here. Progress pics below. In my last post, which was 7 or 8 months ago, I was deciding whether to end the caveman regimen. I did decide to end it and have not been on it since then. It simply wasn’t working; I wasn’t seeing the progress that others were seeing at 3 months. At that point, I started using a “barrier healing”
  7. Hi everyone, I know I said in my last post I would make a decision about ending the caveman regimen. I basically DID decide to end the regimen. But it’s been two weeks since then and I haven’t stopped. I even did research and bot a new moisturizer and cleanser. I was so ready to end the regimen. But then...my skin actually started to look a little better. What I’m experiencing: Less dry than usual over the course of two weeks. Today was pretty bad tho. I SAW the skin flakes an
  8. I don’t get painful cystic acne often but thats what BP does to me :/
  9. Unfortunately, my skin reacts really poorly to benzoyl peroxide so I wont be trying the acne.org regimen. I have tried a multitude of other treatments; I just haven’t kept track of them on acne.org. My treatment history includes; salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, oil cleansing method, apple cider vinegar toner, lotion p50, tretinoin, clindamycin, vaseline, hyaluronic acid moisturizer + vaseline, cerave products only.
  10. Hi everyone, How many of you actually keep up with these updates? Honestly kudos to you if you read my boring posts. Anyways, my skin hasn’t changed much this week. What I’m experiencing: A couple more break outs. Dryness and itchiness is pretty intense and frustrating. The weather is cooling down a lot and it irritates my skin. What I’m doing: nothing! Other notes: Really thinking about ending this caveman regimen attempt. Though my acne is marginally better than when I f
  11. Hi everyone, Gonna keep this post short. I dont have much to report. Theres been some improvement since last week. Theres some breakouts on the right side of my face but they dont seem too major. I’m done nitpicking and getting upset at break outs. It seems inevitable throughout this healing process that I’ll have break outs. And its just better for my mental health to just not make a big deal out of it. What I’m experiencing: My skin feels less dry and breakouts were clearing. Yester
  12. Hi everyone, I didn’t realize its already been two weeks since my last post. I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent. Work has kept me really busy these days. The past two weeks have been challenging. The first week, I broke out moderately and I have no idea why. The second week consisted of healing and mild break outs. Discussion below, pics at the bottom. What I’m experiencing: A couple days after I wrote my last post on Sept 4, I broke out on both cheeks. I don’t have any pictur
  13. Hi everyone! Sorry this post is almost 2 weeks late. My sister came to visit me so I’ve been quite busy entertaining her. This past week and a half has been a very VERY challenging time. It’s one of those weeks where you know you fucked up bad. And boy did I fuck it up. Last week, I told you all I will begin wiping my face with a cold towel instead if leaving my skin alone. Within the first 24 hours of the second “wipe” ever, my skin broke out in unprecedented ways. I will show you pics of
  14. Hi everyone! I can’t believe I’m still updating this blog 5 weeks in. This might be the most consistent thing I’ve ever done. Anyways, this is another one of those weeks where you’re not sure what you did wrong. It felt like I was doing SO well last week. From my August 15th pictures, it looked like I was finally clearing up for good. But, just a couple days later, I broke out in 3-4 angry zits!! More discussion below, progress pics at the bottom. What I’m experiencing: Like I said ab
  15. Hi Everyone! I’m really proud I made it to 1 month guys. It’s been a wild ride. Week 4 has seen only a little change. I dare say it looks a little better. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. As usual, discussion will be below. Progress pics at the bottom. What I’m experiencing: The dryness from last week has not changed much. Skin feels a bit tight and flaky. The dead skin mask is real. Its gross. But I’m living with it. Breakouts come and go. A couple days ago, I swear I felt 4 na