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  1. wow

    I never believed that any one product could change my skin. In my view, acne had to be treated holistically. But I was wrong; this one product has healed my skin. I have NO new breakouts. I have read all the other reviews for ACV as a topical treatment. And I really think ACV only works for certain kinds of acne. There's "no one size fits all" in acne treatment. So I encourage people to experiment with potency in your ACV/water solutions. And to listen to your skin. If you're feeling itching,
  2. Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure about topical probiotics being able to push gunk out but I do agree that probiotic products are not successful on their own in curing acne. It's worth exploring whether acne is actually a matter of bacterial imbalance on the skin or if bacterial imbalance is just another symptom. If healthy skin has the ability to maintain/grow friendly bacteria, the goal should then be to create the optimal environment for that, not to just simply spray bacteria.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm shocked to see how many hits these posts are getting. For anyone out there who wants to be updated; I have since stopped using topical probiotics for several reasons. 1. My acne fluctuated between mild and severe over the course of almost a year, never keeping a consistent trajectory of improvement. I used probiotic spray up to four times daily. 2. In my experience, topical probiotics don't work even if you ditch your facial cleanser which supposedly kill the friendly ba
  4. Really exciting news. I recently purchased a new AO Mist from Mother Dirt. With just ONE night, I saw reduced redness, no new break outs! Miracle? Probably not. Just taking care of your skin's bacterial ecosystem. Other factors that have contributed to this breakthrough: change in pillow cases, 1 cup of kefir per day, gentle exfoliation with oxy pads, NO LONGER SLEEPING WITH WET HAIR. My skin had been slowly improving since my last probiotic update. Since that time, I've reintroduced kefir
  5. I. Diet Eat Liberally: all kinds of vegetables, unprocessed meat, butter, coconut oil, spices, broths, liver meat Eat Moderately: processed meat, potatoes Eat Never: grains, gluten, refined sugars And of course, lots of water! II. Lifestyle Short 30 minute aerobic/anaerobic work out 3x a week Meditate 3-4x a week Sleep as early as you can! It's very important Stay positive Simple and short.
  6. In my previous post titled I. Origin + Treatment Philosophy, I mentioned using a probiotic spray. Since, then I have been spraying twice a day for about two weeks. Unfortunately, I discontinued my use of Mother Dirt's AO mist because it is too expensive for my student budget at 50 dollars a bottle. In addition, it only lasts a month. I'll keep this update short. I ran out of my AO mist and haven't been able to replenish it. My skin has been getting worse. It took about two weeks for it to show b
  7. In this initial post, I want to share my origin story with acne. I think it's important for everyone to note the causes of their acne (when and why it started) in order for them to find the most effective treatment. I will then share my treatment philosophy following the origin story. In the next entry, I will post a break down of my goals as well as possible obstacles I might face. Origin: Like a lot of people, I had clear skin in high school. My skin care routine was to wash my face twic