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  1. After accutane i had similar scars not as large tho, its been about 5-6 years now and i still have them.
  2. in the years they have changed alot in color... when all my acne was gone, the marks left were black/dark purple...about 6 months later, a dark red, then 2 a light red, now a pink/light pink...but still there, also a slight dent in my skin where the marks are...ive also gotten new acne since, pimples here and there, but nothing that has caused redmarks, best advice never squeeze or touch any pimple.
  3. i only have a 40%, is that ok, or should i not use that at all.
  4. Jus wonderin how i do this? i have lactic acid gel, is that the right stuff? do i use the brush 2 put it on and take off when burning? when i take it off should i put something on? i have no idea how 2 use this...also i was on retin-a & minocycline last week how long should i wait b4 starting it? thnx.
  5. ya so 2 years and still have them, after getting severe acne while on accutane, (my own fault tho), been on differin, solugel 8 and retin-a, nothin works, does anything work, wat do i do next?
  6. I have 3 redmarks on my face, 2 on my left cheek and 1 on my right cheek, the thing is they are big, mayb the size of a nickle, there red, and flat, they were formally pimples.
  7. Ok i finished accutane on april 1, now i have no acne, jus redmarks, 3 diff marks, my derm put me on differin 4 them, they seem 2 be the same, mayb a lil better, jus wonderin how long it takes 2 fade redmarks after accutane. btw all 3 redmarks are from acne caused from accutane.
  8. Anybody ever use Differin after accutane, my derm says itll help fade redmarks, has any1 here every tried it, does it work, any help will be appreciated.
  9. Ok, Ive been on accutane for 5 and a half months, (6 months on April 5) I dont have acne anymore, just redmarks, i hear that u dont need accutane 4 redmarks, so is there a point 2 continue, im on 80mg a day, My face gets very red somedays, also feels like i jus went under the sun (BTW it was -17 yesterday) I took a shower yesterday, my face was on fire, idk if its normal or anything, also my skin is so tight, its hard 2 explain, also still very dry, im tired of walking around with dry skin 4 n
  10. A freind told me i shud use cocoa butter on my redmarks, he says it helps get rid of streach marks, idk if its a good idea, will it irratate my skin???any1 ever try this???
  11. Hey man, i live in montreal to, the accutane costs around 400-500$, its really expensive, i had a pimple like u have on ur left cheek (btw accutane caused it), (accutane causes ur body 2 push all the shit out in big lumps n pimples) well i got it back in november, well i still have it 2day, its faded but still ther, also been on accutane for 5 months n still have redmarks.still hopin it clears up on my final month.
  12. Damn ur lucky man, mine cost bout $500.00 for a 1 month prescription, thnk god my mom has insurance, she gets 80% off.
  13. Right now at this moment i have...clear forehead (never really had probs wit acne on my forehead), same as my chin, nose is clear, right cheek has a purple pimple, wit a black dot right next 2 it (looks like som1 pokked me wit a black marker) also red/purple lil scars from were i squeezed previous pimples/blackheads....left cheek i hav a big red/purple/smooth scar under my eye, also another 1 right under it, wit sum scars from were i squeezed blackheads etc...i mean if ther was 1, it wudnt b so