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  1. Thanks! No, I haven't tried a liver flush but, honestly, my acne is genetic so I don't think that it will work that well. I've concluded that I probably have a high level of testosterone and create an excess amount of sebum. I don't think that a liver flush will help with that. Do you think it might help? Thanks again. 9 weeks on Retin-A Horrible, horrible breakout on my left cheek. Lots of small white head type pimples. Probably around 10-12 only in the shaving area. Bad enough that I
  2. What's your purpose for these products? If it's to treat acne, none of these will really work more effectively than BP. Manuka is supposed to be an anti-septic, anti-bacteria, similar to Tea Tree oil but I haven't seen/read any studies that prove this. Caveat: There may be, I just haven't looked for them Aloe Vera and Lemon juice aren't specifc acne fighters. If your set on one of these 3 instead of BP, then go for the Manuka Honey.
  3. 8 weeks on Retin-A So far haven't seen any improvements or changes in my skin. I'm going to my derm in the next couple of weeks for a follow up. Had a nasty breakout last week but it seems to be calming down now. I'm taking a chance by not using BP but I want to see if letting my face recover a little will help. It's been 1 week without BP. Now I'm thinking about the dreaded Accutane again. My gut tells me not to do it but I'm sick of putting things on my face everyday that are harsh and
  4. I appreciate your comments Lexylou and Spikeyli. I was feeling a bit beat up from that last thread. Guess I'm a little sensitive. For myself, I won't use a "soap" to wash my face. Currently, I'm using Purpose Gentle Face wash which is gentle and pH balanced but I've used other soap free washes in the past. Some were the correct pH, some were not. I found that the washes that weren't, tended to dry out my face. That being said, if the Goat's Milk Soap is working for you, then the only a
  5. I posted this in the other GMR thread and got a lot of negative responses: pH is 10. That is way too alkaline for your skin. Using this soap is basically interrupting the Acid Mantle on your skin. For people with acne, like me, this could cause my condition to get worse and for others, the alkalinity is actually drying out your skin. If you want to use the soap, I'd recommend following it up with a toner or moisturizer that has the correct pH in order to restore your Acid Mantle.
  6. The Neutrogena product is a good formulation for AHA. It has 8% AHA and, my understanding, is that it is at a correct pH level to make it effective. BTW, the Proactive toner is also AHA so if you switch to the Neutrogena, definitely get rid of the Proactive Toner. If you are using the entire system, you are using both an AHA and BP. I would use it once a day to start. More than that and it could be irritating. Let your skin be the guide to how much you use it but, personally, I don't see a
  7. I just took my 2nd Green Tea pill while I was drinking a cup of Green Tea. Didn't notice any affect in how I felt after the first pill. I'll keep you posted on my results. BTW, I'm taking the Jarrow brand. Jarrow Green Tea
  8. Stopped using Duac BP gel on Friday because I was gone for the weekend and my face seems pretty dry these days. Also, my health insurance raised the copayment for the Duac. We'll see what happens to my face after not using BP for a while!
  9. 7 weeks on Retin-A Is this the dreaded IB?? I have some nasty cyst like pimples in my shaving area. Cheeks and bottom of my jaw. It probably didn't help matters that I picked at them. I know better but I couldn't stop myself!! I also performed the Menscience detox regimen on Sunday. Basically, you use their scrub which contains AHA/BHA and then a post shave toner. I'm wondering if this led to the breakout. Hopefully this will clear up pretty soon.
  10. I take 2 teaspoons a day. I read a recommendation for acne on Life Extension of 1400 mg EPA and 1000 mg DHA.
  11. Well, I'm just entering my 7th week and I broke out pretty bad this weekend. I can't tell if it's the IB or if I had a bad shave which has led to ingrown hairs and acne. Maybe a combination. Most of the acne is in my shaving area. Cheeks and chin area. I hope this is just part of the IB and that it gets better soon!!
  12. I prefer to wash or scrub before I shave. This softens and hydrates the hairs which helps the razor to cut them more effectively. That being said, if you are shaving with a gel that leaves a residue on your face even after you rinse with water, then I would wash or use a toner to get the residue off. I use a cream that rinses clean so I don't have this issue. Try it both ways and see which you prefer. I can't shave without washing my face in the shower first.
  13. I should have clarified in my original post that my tips are for people, like me, that have issues with shaving. That is, people that get ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Many times when these conditions exist, they can become infected and turn into inflammatory acne. If you aren't having issues with shaving then that's fine but, in general, the more blades you use for shaving, i.e., 3 and and up blade razors, the more problems with ingrown hairs and razor bumps you might have. These multi-bla
  14. I just bought the Jarrow brand 500mg pills. I was thinking of starting out with just 1 a day. What do you think should be the maximum per day. I was thinking of 2/day max. Thanks!