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  1. from my own experience, I can say that jojoba oil is NOT for my face. It breaks me out every single time I use it so I feel like it's just not for me. I waited until i had no active pimples when starting the AHA because I didn't want it to further irritate my skin and so far I have good luck with it. Also, I feel that if you would stick to the regimen twice daily and gentle as it is supposed to be, you would see better results! I know it's hard and it dries your skin but your skin will get used
  2. This is normal. Do NOT give up! I am now on week 5 and my skin had broken out so bad during weeks 2-3 I wanted to stop. Keeping going and continue to be gentle. Your skin will eventually stop breaking out and your old pimples will start clearing up. My skin did a 360 one day without me noticing and I promise yours will too sooner or later but it's worth it! Also, weeks 2-4 are SO dry and flaky I could touch my face because flakes would fall right off. Even on week 5, my skin is still dry and fla
  3. Hello everyone. I am new to acne.org and have just ordered the regimen for myself. I have dealt with acne for some years now on and off. I heard about this regimen and figured I would give it a shot. I am very excited to start it. I do have a question though... I know I'm supposed to do the routine once in the morning and once at night every 10-12 hours, but I do not know if i ill be able to stay in that time frame. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday's I have class from 9 am to noon and then I wo