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  1. It's been a long time since I posted here. Since then I've done 7 Fraxels and I am happy to say that my skin is really improved. I've used Mineral Makeup for the last 3 or 4 years and have had almost no breakouts in that time. If I get a wild hair and change one of the brands of MM I am using or use, god forbid, a liquid...I always end up with a breakout. So I've learned my lesson and I stick to what works. I use Aubrey Nicole (has a 40% discount sale right now), Ocean Mist (eye shadows on
  2. I use the primer everyday...love it. I've been using it for about a year and a half. Never had a breakout from it and it makes my makeup go on really smooth and fills in the pores on my nose. I do recommend it. PS The birthday sale was yesterday only, but I went there today and they have 20% off until August. You have to enter the code SUMMER into the box when you are checking out.
  3. I wanted to let those of you that use mmu know that AN is having a sale for their birthday and all orders today are 25% off only for today. www.aubreynicoleminerals.com
  4. I use the mousse makeup and really like it. It's in a pump bottle and comes out thick, but goes on really smooth and creamy. I'd say the coverage is medium and then I follow up with my finishing powder and the look is flawless. It covers my red marks and scars pretty nicely, especially with the powder on top. I've been using it since before christmas and no breakouts or itchies. I like using a liquid type makeup that's natural and good for my skin and not all the powder mess.
  5. Hah, I was hoping you would answer, GroceryGirl, because I know you love AN! I know Fyrinnae has a rice powder too, but right now they're saying that products are taking 35-40 business days to process! Thats a freakin long time! Do you have the AN flat top brush? I really want to try it...I hear flat tops give better coverage with MMU.
  6. The AN premium brushes, DO NOT shed at all. I have the kabuki, the long handled kabuki (love it) and the flat top one. They are GREAT brushes!!
  7. Oh, I love Rosetta and Passion. I've tried many of them, either by ordering samples or the free samples you get when you order. I like Blissful, Rosetta, Passion and Eden. Ambrosia is really nice, very natural, like you not wearing a blush, just a but of color to your cheeks. The blushes are really nice.
  8. I've been using the mousse mineral makeup from AN since before the holidays and I really like it. No breakouts here.
  9. I use the Rice Powder finishing silk and it's awesome! I tend to get really oily and this helps so much. It's a nice translucent shade so I put it on over my foundation and I love the way it looks.
  10. Aubrey Nicole makes a primer that is awesome. It contains silicone and Squalane Oil, which will not break you out. Emu Oil, Squalane, Jojoba are amongst several that won't cause breakouts. In fact some people put all these together and use them as an oil cleanser for acne skin! Anyway, the primer is awesome and makes my loose powder foundation go on very smoothly and helps to keep in on all day.
  11. I've tried all four. Get sample kits and compare but this is what I found: Joppa - good coverage, a but more pricey than others, sometimes the customer service is not great Signature - sheer to minimal coverage, pretty good selection, good customer service, coverage did not stay all day (at all) Aubrey Nicole - good coverage, good customer service, good prices and seems to always have a sale on and they give freebies with orders EDM - decent coverage, but did not stay all day, good prices, cus
  12. I definitely have to recommend Aubrey Nicole. I've tried others, including EDM and while I liked them, their staying power was not good compared to AN. I also like AN formula ALOT better. www.aubreynicole.com Best thing is there are always sales and she sends out lots of free samples with orders.
  13. Does it have Bismuth in it? I think that would be more likely to make you itch than Mica. Whatever it is, I hope it gets better.
  14. Nicolette, Did you get the % off? A lot of $$ equals a lot of DISCOUNT! I just placed another order and spent over $100 and got 33% off. In fact I ended up with over $43 OFF! They are as good as they sound, so hope you like what you ordered! Good luck!