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  1. I left mine on all the time, but you cant use it every day, ur skin will get too irritated
  2. I love the mask that you can get from makeupartistschoice.com, it's an herbal papaya peel, and it really exfoiliates and diclogs the pores well.
  3. I have been using the green cream level 3 during the dat with renova .50 at night every day. I tone with ddf's aha toner and I wash with peter thomas roths anti aging wash. My skin hasnt looked soo good in such a long time. It's clear, no slotches and my pores and scars seem to be getting smaller. My skin is still oily though. Not like it was but still oily. I love this regime, I just ordered more renova form mexico and I order two green cream level 3 since im using the renova I figured that was
  4. I take zinc pills. I don't take them for acne...I take the chetelated ones...they have helped my nails tremendously.
  5. retin a broke me out and tazarac was quite drying for me. I have had good luck so far with the level 3 even under my eyes, it hasnt dried out my skin at all or caused breakouts.
  6. dang...I just ordered my GC level 3 from the skin care pavillion on the 7th and it already got to me. thats what I call service.
  7. I love peter thomas roths 10% glycolic hydrating gel and his enviromental hydrating gel. Both are oil free and have never (actually the only moisturizers)broke me out ooh also his oil free moisturizing lotion. Down side is they are all very expensive, but a little goes a very long way and you can get them for pretty good deals on ebay. Best toner that has completely cleared my skin is DDF 10% glycolic toner this stuff is amazing, I will never go without it.
  8. I tried this product in the past and loved it, but I remember it kind of dried my eye skin. Anyways, I ordered the newest 3level so hopefully I can use it day and night without that problem. Has anyone tried level 3 and had sucess with oil reduction? Thats why I am getting it, also a good age fighter.
  9. DDF and peter thomas roth make the best products for acne, im haveing great sucess
  10. murad screwd up my skin pretty bad. Right now Im using DDF's glycolic 10% toner and I wash with peter thomas roths anti aging wash it has aha/bha in it, then I moisturize with perter thomas roths glycolic hydrating gel, this has kept my skin amzingly clear. I think it is mostly the toner cause I was using the other products prior and wasn't getting the same results. I LOVE that toner. I went to buy more at nordstrom last night but they were sold out. I dont have sensitive skin though.
  11. I want a anti aging moisturizer, but I want one that is hydrating and wont break me out, I was wondering if anyone with acne prone skin has tried this and did it break you out at all?
  12. I had a full fledge green peel done, twice, and they were not very plesant experiences. I thought crushed shells were being rubbed into my skin, it hurt soo bad. Then the lady tells me even though it's an herbal peel it could eat a rock I was like wha.....Seriously, it hurt but the outcome was ok, she said I didnt last long enough to get a good peel, I lasted like 3min, most people las like 10. and I dont have sensitive skin. It's crazy.
  13. I bought this stuff and never used it, I used some from the white tube, but with all my orders I got from her I recieved soo many samples that I never really needed to use the product. I removed the shrink wrap thinking I was going to use it, But I use renova now, so I really shouldnt use another form of vit. A on my skin. All these products are new. Except the one in the white tube wich I always used a q-tip for. If you guys have been wanting to try her amazing products but not spend the big bu
  14. I used some of their products for acne a long time ago, they didn't work for me.
  15. 2x. I must say, I did think it helped with the acne, but it was too drying for me. Same as BP. quote name='ballaballa' date='Aug 28 2006, 03:39 PM' post='1318728'] ^how many times did you use it a day kamstan?