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  1. This may sound silly but I've been using Daktacort cream on my face for over a year now with not much effect at all, is this Daktarin cream very similar to the Daktacort one or are they different? I'm just wondering whether or not I should give this a try.
  2. The doctor recently took me off zineryt, after basically no improvement over a two month period, and has decided to put me on a course of Erythomycin. Any success stories? I've been taking them twice daily since Thursday and am yet to see any improvement. I checked the product reviews on here but they vary from completely rubbish to really good so I got confused and gave up Honest opinions plz so I know not to get my hopes up lol
  3. Don't worry, my nose is a pain in the ass too. Sounds very similar to your condition, I wash it and it becomes very dry and flakey and within a couple of hours it's covered in oil :/ I suppose it's all to do with the hormones or whatever. I'm off to see a derm next week so I'm hoping they recommend a better product to use or something
  4. No, the skin is dry. Sometimes to the point of which I can't even move my face without cracking my skin. That has nothing to do with dead skin cells, but thanks anyway...
  5. ...."It's the acne treatments drying out your skin" No, it's fvcking not! Every doctor I see keeps telling me that the acne treatments are what is drying out my skin but it's completely untrue. To prove the point I decided to use the zinc solution (Latest attempt of clearing the acne) but only on my cheeks (Where most of the acne is situated, I was using the medication all over my face) to see whether my skin was still dry everywhere else once I'd washed and the my skin was still terribly dry.
  6. I have a terrible case of combination skin along with my acne. My skin is dry, flakey, irritable and super oily. Nothing I use seems to help it , I dread washing my face because that's when its at its worse. The doctor keeps presribing me with BP products to treat the spots but seems to ignore my problem with combination skin. I doubt any of you guys will be able to help me, I've tried absolutely everything, I'm just really upset at the moment and have come here to vent my anger Sometimes I
  7. My Acne is much more severe than yours and I still have hope that one day my skin will be clear, so you should too Keep your chin up, matey x
  8. Oh please I wouldn't even label that Acne. You're worrying over nothing. I refuse to let myself say something nasty out of jealousy Good luck with getting rid of those three or four spots though yeah?
  9. Jesus Christ! I just washed and applied the OXY10 which I've now finally realised is BP It stings like hell! Is it meant to do this? What other side effects are there? I'm kinda worried now because I already have Sensitive Skin
  10. Hey guys, I'm 16 years old from the UK and as I've already stated, I have a Mild Acne Problem. I've been trying out various products for the past few months with little or no success. I have Acne on both cheeks and across the Jawline (Occasionally on the Chin) I have no spots on the Forehead. I've recently bought a product called OXY10 (Benzoyl Peroxide?) as it was recommended to me in the stores. I'm yet to try it out and I was wondering what your opinion of it was? I've given up with the Do