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  1. Hi everyone I'm using Retin-A cream. My skin is used to it, I don't have irritation, it's taking it really well. I'm thinking about TCA cross and I'm wondering how long should I wait after I stop using Retin-A?
  2. I wonder - after how much time can I re-do TCA cross? Scabs fell off and there isn't any redness, my scarred pores just seem deeper. I'd like to try again, but what would be a safe time period?
  3. I read it can take about 8 weeks for scars to start to look better. Patience
  4. Thank you, I stopped using Clarisonic after TCA cross procedure, let scabs form, fall off etc and I was wondering should I start cleansing with it again now. I'll try something gentler then
  5. Hello everyone. I've been using TCA 25% peels for a while now with very good results. I've decided to try TCA cross on my scared pores and ice-pick scars. Yesterday scabs fell off and my scars are deeper - I read it's normal and should look better after few weeks. My question is: how should I treat my skin during those weeks when collagen production should do its job? I use Clarisonic daily or almost daily and I wonder - should I stop? (I don't want to make scars even deeper or somehow interr