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  1. I think makeup is makeup. Using brands of makeup that are popular with women won't damage your skin, and could be just as effective.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Have you got anymore info on this tinted BP? Is it as good as the more regular BP like Proactiv/dans/quinderm, etc..
  3. Bah, someone must know how to use these things.
  4. There is no way I'm going to the gym without make up on whilst my skin is still covered in red marks, spots, scars, etc.. Does anyone have any opinions on this subject? Am I risking an almighty potential break out of acne? Does makeup block your pores to such a serious degree? If so, I may have to quit the gym and start exercising by just running round the block in evenings. I few months ago I did have a really bad break out of acne which lasted over a month during a period of regular exer
  5. Should I switch? I really like the Toner and the cleanser though. Does anyone see any problems in mixing the Proactiv BP lotion and Dans gel? gel at night, Proactiv in morning?
  6. Yeh, I'm kind of interested in how this works. Do you just apply it once a day at night to the dark spots. So after I've done the regime (cleansed, applied BP, applied moisturiser) I wait about 15 mins and then just dab it onto the dark spots/marks/scars I have to try and get rid of them quicker?
  7. I've just been lumbered with a £9.30 customs charge!!? This brings the cost of a set of Proactiv to over £40! What's going on? Has anyone else encountered this customs charge? I have ordered Proactiv once before in the UK and didn't get charged by royal mail. It came straight to my door nice and easy. Only difference then was that I was living at a differnent address? Can anyone shed some light.
  8. It's under 'Great Britain' I believe.
  9. How about using a combination of proactiv BP and other BP like Quinoderm. I just feel I want to try something stronger, and also to make the proactiv set last longer. Would maybe Quioderm 5/10% at night and Proactiv in the mornings work? Could there be any problems with alternating with brands so regularly.
  10. Just wondering why Oxy on the Spot is supposed to be much better than everything else? What about these other products on http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk Panoxyl gel, Panoxyl cream, Oxy 10, Oxy 5. The difference between Oxy on the Spot and regular Oxy just seems to be 'Direct Action'. What does this mean? Is the only real difference between the 2, the fact that one is 2.5% BP and the others are 5/10% BP. Surely if 5 and 10% BP don't dry out your skin then it's better to use this over 2.5% b