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  1. Here we are 2 years and 2months after! First, I would like to thank everyone on this forum even though probably no one that followed my log is still on this forum anyways! thanks anyways! Second, When I had finished my accutane course my acne came back but VERY mildly it would go away if I would go tan at least once a week (going to tan really helps acne.. well in my case it did.) Third, My acne completely dissapeared 2weeks ago which means no more oily skin at all and I don't get acne even
  2. The redness goes away when ur done with accutane don't worry.
  3. I wash it like 4times a day.. - morning - middle day - shower when i got back from work - before i go to sleep
  4. I'd rather be flushing than having gross pimples.. not u?
  5. 1) I became clear in my first month of accutane treatment. 2) I remained clear for 2weeks after i stopped..... maybe it has something to do with the fact that i work in a restaurant (i fry things)
  6. My face was 100% clear during the whole course and now my acne is back.. not as worse and itused to be but i got a couple of them..
  7. Ok my acne is definately coming back that sucks... i have like 7big whiteheads on my nose and thats how it used to be before accutane... i cant believe my acne already came back not even a month post-tane...
  8. Is it possible that my acne is coming back 2weeks post tane? and i was clear for months.... and oh and skin all over my body seems so fragile i just don't get how my skin was a bit dry on tane and now that im done with accutane it looks not strong at all.. (when i shave i bleed from alot of places and it did like 20 little red spots that looks like acne) and I also have 2 whiteheads on my nose..
  9. Ok i'm 2weeks post tane and my scalp and skin on my face started to get very oily and i got 5 little white heads this morning i'm very scared my acne is coming back..... any comments about this? pleaseeeeeee
  10. I know this has nothing to do with getting pierced but I got my wisdom teeths extracted while on tane and yes it did affect the healing process but not a lot...
  11. Hi! which part of canada are you from? gl with accutane anyways.. I just finished my 20weeks course a week ago and it did miracles! I hope my acne won't come back
  12. Day 135: Oh my god.. I got a huge zit on my forehead where I never had acne before... it's been there for 3days and it's so big... I can't believe I didn't have a pimple in 5months and now I have this huge one that looks like the acne I already had.. I'm really scared my acne is coming back and my derm just told me 2days ago that this is my last week of accutane.. I really need comments about that please...