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  1. So yesterday I had my dermatology appointment for month 2! I was so excited to get there and get my dose upped as I have had no side effects whatsoever! My dermatologist told me the way to show it is doing its job is to see how much dryness you get in your lips and skin, and as I was getting nothing I was sooo ready to get my dose increased. When I got there I forgot I had to do a urine sample for a pregnancy test and had just gone to the toilet like 5 minutes before my appointment so I could
  2. I got told definitely definitely not to wax but wasn't told no to threading? I haven't done it though!
  3. Okay so today is day 17 of Roaccutane and still 0 side effects?! I know I am only on 20mg which is the lowest dose but I was seriously expecting at least some dry lips and skin but absolutely NOTHING!! My skin is looking really good at the moment I don't have any active spots and the ones I have had have gone/dried up really really quickly. I can't really complain because my skin is looking good however my dermatologist said dryness is a sign that the roaccutane is doing its job and I have
  4. Hey Leah, I'm on day 9 now and literally notice nothing at all. No dryness of lips or skin yet and they are meant to be most common. The spots I have got have cleared really quickly so maybe that is due to the roaccutane but I am unsure?? My dermatologist said she is gonna up my dose to 40mg in the second month but that's not till 27th September so just have to see what happens! Yeah I'm on the Yasmin contraceptive pill and have been for years so I'll be staying on that whilst on roaccutane
  5. So today marks my first week on Roaccutane!! I have to say I haven't noticed any side effects whatsoever! No dryness of the lips and skin, no headaches, no joint or back pain, no nosebleeds. But i know it is very early on! I am thinking this may be due to my low 20mg dose and I have also been drinking 3 litres of water, keeping aquaphor on my lips and cleansing and moisturising with cetaphil and cerave. I can't tell if I am experiencing an initial breakout (IB) or if I just have a few spots a
  6. Hey! Thanks for your reply that was really helpful! I'll be following your blog too! Yeah im hoping the erythromycin helps however I have broke out today in a couple small pimples but don't know if that's the roaccutane because I've only done 3 days! But they aren't cysts which is good!! Hey! aww thanks for the heads up! I'm really hoping I'm the same and I have no IB but I do have 3 or 4 new spots today but unsure if that's from the roaccutane because it's only day 3! Ive been moistu
  7. Hey guys! So yesterday I had my appointment at the hospital to start my Roaccutane journey. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get started. After doing a pregnancy test and a long chat with the dermatologist I signed the papers regarding pregnancy and birth defects and was prescribed Roaccutane YAY. I am only on 20mg to start which is the lowest dose but said I will go up to 40mg in month two. Was just wondering if anyone who is on 20mg could let me know when to expect side effects e.g dryn
  8. Hey guys! My name is Elouise, I am 22 years old from London and I am officially starting my isotretinoin journey (also known as accutane and roaccutane)! Just some quick info which you probably all know: Isotretinoin is an oral retinoid deriving from vitamin A which is used to treat persistent cystic acne which has not responded to previous treatments. Isotretinoin works by reducing the production of sebum in your sebaceous glands whilst shrinking the oil glands. This ultimately diminishes t
  9. Absolutely LOVE this!

    This is my first review on here but think this is definitely worth it! I have moderate to severe acne which is mostly cystic and have had for about 7 years now. I will be going on accutane/isotretinoin on the 30th of August so I have decided to start my regime early! I have purchased this moisturiser due to all the good reviews and feedback on blogs, vlogs and threads for accutane. I have been using this just over a week and the difference is unbelievable!! My skin feels so much more hydrated,