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  1. Yes a bad micro job can be extremely damaging Also do not even go near the outside ( Sun ) for 5 minutes without Serious Sunblock or some other thing to cover your face, You will cause irreversible damage and blotches that do not go away, Seriously even 5 minutes can be harmful Also after spending $$$$ on a very well qualified Micro Tech, Derma-specialist I am not sure whether or not it was worth it, the effects wear off quickly and I think honestly I see more results from the Rejuvenol then a
  2. KamaSutra

    hormonal acne

    Hormonal Acne is a good theory but I always wonder about whether or not it is true, Only because Most of my life I have not had periods, which in itself is odd, but due to low body fat, athlete type issue, not bulimic So I have oftened wondered about it Anyone else have Absence of cycle?
  3. I actually know a good deal about the working out part I have never been on Tane but I can comment on the work out theories that I have read here today When you exercise you are stimulating all aspects of the body, from a physiological sense EVERY part of your body is effected, Blood, Organs, Skin, etc etc Now of course if you do not exercise regularly you will see Up+ and Down results. Everything your body is exposed to goes either through your airways or even through your pores. If you ma
  4. Hi RE: Red & Brown spots Do you go out in the sun without sunblock on a regular basis year round? If they turn out to be scars or sun spots from exposed scars as a result of blemishes, I have heard that Lumnaderm works well to get rid of those.
  5. Hi one more thing, getting ready to include Elegant minerals make up to my regime, they are great as far as user friendly ingredients for acne prone skin Plus they will send you a very nicely packaged sample of their colours, for 1 cent, no joke, you pay shipping, 3.00 but they send all 4 colours for each type like example, fair skin or medium shades, etc They send them in nice containers Also their line has a spf version And other options for maximum or even less coverage Awesome pricing,
  6. Hi everyone I am going to share what has completely Worked & made my skin so nice It is simple; Products; Face Wash : Dermalogica Anti Bacterial Face Wash Treatment : 2.5% Benz only in break out zone Moisturizer : REJUVENOL am/pm depends on time of day Okay what I foudn was this; The Face wash is nice because it does the job and does not irritate or annoy my skin The benz does the job on preventing future break outs, period Then This is the part I rant & rave about !!! The