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  1. PLEASE add this profile to your myspace!!!!!!!! http://www.myspace.com/bubbleheaddottv it is a profile I am starting for a cartoon charactor i created. thanks!
  2. I used the blu light. I went in and they put that levuline stuff and it smelled pretty bad. As I was getting the light therapy my skin started burning and I could smell the burning of my skin lol. It was clear for a while.. after 4 sessions. I didnt get any maintence treatments after that because i hated being stuck at home and it was too expensive. Im not sure how much I paid but the 4 sessions were at least $1,000 - 2,000. If YOU aren't breaking out after the therapy after a couple of months t
  3. It left some marks and I now have some holes in my beard which looks really weird . This treatment did nothing for me as I still have the same level of acne. I now have marks that I will have to keep probably for the rest of my life.

    I hope my review will help people to not repeat the same mistake I did

    1. Instead I had to go to work with this huge marks all over my face. I was starting to be so scared, I had to go to see a skin specialist who had to give me some cream with antibiotics. This helped to heal and I was left after 2 weeks with some marks that turned into pink. After 4 weeks I still had some light pink marks and 6 months later, we can still see where the laser went. It left some marks an

      1. Finally they try to convince you to buy one of their fantastic cream at 30£ and ask you to pay £250 for one session (they pushed me togo ahead for 5 sessions but I decided to just go ahead with one). 5 minutes after you paid, you sit on a chair in a small room and a 25 years old foreign girl with no degree whatsoever is about to turn the laser on your face

        1. You just have a 5 minutes chat where they tell you how the treatment will work so well and will change your life. They mention that the only side effect you may experience are some red marks that will stay for 15 minutes after the session. Then they ask you to sign a paper where it’s mentioned in small letters that you may get burnt but they obviously do not take any responsibility for it.

          1. The laser treatment is quite painful and last for 10 minutes. One hour after the laser treatment, I had some massive red marks all over my face. After 2 hours it did die down but was left with very deep red marks wherever the laser went. After 4 days the red marks turned into purpura and I started having some small buttons with white heads. They told me I will have marks for 15 minutes. Instead I

            1. Please please please…. I hope everyone could read this review before to jump ahead and do the same mistake as I did.

              I had a treatment done at the Laser Treatment Clinic 1 Harley Street, London, W1 (http://www.thelasertreatmentclinic.com) 3 months ago and I wish I would never have done it.

              First the people you speak to are absolutely not qualified and do not check your sk

              1. I just finished my second treatment of Photo-dynamic therapy. I did the treatments two weeks apart and my skin is almost totally clear! I really hope it continues to be clear, I have two treatments still to go. Has anyoe else used this treatment? It was $2200 for four treatments, which I have since found is unusually expensive but I went to a top Beverly Hills dermatologist. I also have been on Ortho-tri cyclen lo and Spirolactone for a little over three months so that probably helped as well. B
              2. You should be enjoying your time at home with your three year old, not wishing that the child was in Daycare. Are you saying that you can't even spend a day or two with your child??? obviously you don't have kids!
              3. Thank you for your kind and encouraging reply. Everything is going good, I couldn't get out of it so I just swallowed the price and learned my lesson. My skin although still breaking out seems to heal faster. I am going for my second treatment tomorrow and am uch better prepared this time around. My son just goes nuts when he can't go play outside so I have a friend coming to take him to the park while I'm at the doctor. Hope this really starts working! thx again:)
              4. I am thinking of buying an at home blue light devise. There is the Verilux Acne Light and the Thera Skin Blue Light. Has anyone used either? Do they work at all? I just did my first photodynamic therapy yesterday and am very red today! I went to Dr. Boris Zaks in Beverly Hills CA. I feel like I got ripped off because I paid $2200/ 4 treatments. Now I am reading about people who paid $300/each! I am willing to do ANYTHING to get rid of my acne! I am 22 and have been battling it for 8 years! I hav