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  1. update: I don't think the moisturizer was causing my breakout. my skin actually has been clearer since I've been using it. it moisturizes well and my skin just drinks it up. so far, nothing but GOOD news on the cerave front! it's cerave moisturizing lotion if anyone else wants to try it.
  2. I've started exfoliating more lately and I really think it's helping my moisturizer and topicals to absorb better! I'm going to order more of the exfoliating gel I was using because I think it was helping and I'm all out now (it was sample size).
  3. My parents had some acne, but not a lot. probably what I'd call "average" and it went away by the time they were older. my Mom now has an occassional pimple as an adult. my brother had AWFUL acne and was on accutane, as was I. neither of my parents ever had acne that required treatment, even. no one else in my family (cousins, aunts, uncles) has bad skin that is related to me by blood. so I don't know
  4. I'm doing a regimen similar to this but with different products. just started so we'll see how it goes
  5. I have heard good things about cerave, DML, and complex 15.
  6. I gain weight easily, but I lose it easily, too. It's all about diet for me. also, EVERYONE I have known with acne outside of myself has been extremely thin. could be a coincidence but maybe not. plus, there are always exceptions to things.
  7. Which moisturizer are you using again? cerave moisturizing lotion (not the cream) but actually, my skin feels okay today so maybe I just need to give it more time.
  8. tonight I have a lot of new acne (especially white heads on my chin). do you think this is from the cerave or was just going to happen whether or not I used a moisturizer today? I'm not sure how long it would take for a product to cause a breakout. anyone know?
  9. My multi-vitamin contains many of the vitamins suggested for acne on this thread, but do I need more? I take extra biotin and zinc, as well as fish oil caps and a few others, but do I need more vitamin a and c, as well? I take a b-complex, but should I take more b5 on top of the b-complex AND the multi? what about flax seed oil? should I take flax seed caps, as well? thanks guys!
  10. I've had acne for 10+ years, and there have been periods where I've worn makeup on a daily basis and there have been periods where I have given up makeup in an attempt to clear my skin and neither make a difference. with makeup = bad acne. without makeup = bad acne. I haven't worn makeup in MONTHS and my skin is horrific! so I'm really beginning to doubt that makeup makes a difference in my skin.
  11. Are you male or female? female What is your age? 22 Did your acne start when you were a teenager or adult? since I was 11. Have you used anything that has worked to cure your acne only for it to return? accutane- very temporary, came back both times. If you are female have you had kids and if so how did it relate to your skin (better or worse)? n/a Do you think your acne affects your relationships, job, socializing, etc? yes-- I don't want to go out, date, see my friends, get a job, etc
  12. anyone have any luck with zovia clearing acne? 3+ weeks into and my skin is MUCH worse than it was before. hoping it will get better if I stick it out for the 3 months but if it gets worse, I'll be pretty upset anyone have experiences with zovia?
  13. yeah, I have. but thanks I've been on all the usual suspects several times over the last 10 years or so. I'm on minocin right now and it's not helping at all, unfortunately. I just wish I knew why the pennicillin works so well!
  14. I took pennicillin for 10 days when I was really sick last year and my skin cleared up perfectly in just those 10 days! it was like a magic pill. problem is, doctors obviously won't prescribe pennicillin for acne. what is it that makes it work so well and is there anything else I can take that would give me these results? it was like a miracle!