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  1. My face has many scars from nearly a decade of Acne that has not responded to any treatments. (Yes I've tried changing my diet too.) I would like to know if I would be a Candidate for Accutane? It seems every pore in my face is clogged with stringy pus (sorry I know that's to much info) but I do get red heads and white heads as well as cysts on my cheeks that leave scars too. My face is quite clogged my nose is clogged in Blackheads, my temples have scars as well. I have body Acne but milder t
  2. Hey guys I'm new to Acne.org and I really need your guys help. I'm 20 years old and I have bad acne and very bad scars, people stare at my scars/acne and it sucks. I have had acne for so long I can't even remember having clear skin. I have tried all those facial products from Wal-Mart. I have found out about Accutane and I have kidney disease, I really want to take it and see a Derm. What should I do?