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  1. Hello peoples, I was just thinking about my acne today. When I was first battling acne it was mostly around my chin/under lower lip area and some on my nose. After using maybe 5 or 6 different over the counter topicals and basically tearing my nose apart as well as my chin/under lower lip area it eventually went away (I would say around age 20) and I'm basically acne free in those areas till this day. However, in that time my acne also went to my cheeks, forehead, jaw line and side burn area.
  2. Great reply. I'm definitely weary of the fact that sometimes physicians come off as know it all. Surely, they know more about the field than I would, but could they at least take ten minutes to listen up? I'm going to take that advice and the rest here into consideration. I think I'll go and see a derm a couple times, but I'm not going to be hasty about what I do. Hopefully, he'll listen and together we can help me beat my acne. Together!
  3. I figured I'd get answers like these. Thanks a ton for your answers! My acne is pretty much just some redish scaring which is rash-like and one or two pimples a month. Also, my forehead has recently started breaking out. Otherwise, I'm ok. I think I'm going to try and see what the derm tells me, but I really don't think I'd be willing to do a lot of things the doc requires of me. Such as topicals, or some harsh meds. Although, I'm willing if it makes sense for me.
  4. I'm getting my benefits in about a months time. I want to make an appointment for the first day I receive those benefits. However, I find that some people on this website and other acne sufferers on the net seem to think dermatologists are pretty useless in most cases. Is this true? I have tried a couple different things from this website, but there is just a hump I simply can't get over and would like professional help. I've done some research and found a pretty well recommended one in my ar
  5. In my experience they've only made my face worse. I'm sure everyone is different. My face typically begins to break out (and doesn't stop -- don't give me that break out period nonsense) soon after and just gets worse. The dryness and irritation are horrid. Then again I've got a cousin who had acne and used the stuff they sell at local markets and his face cleared up nicely.
  6. Ask around more on the forum and do some research. I don't have that answer or I'd be more than happy to help.
  7. Recently purchased fish oil from Costco. Hopefully it'll help the other pills in helping me. Just like most other things I have tried the niacin, vitamin A, and zinc which gave good results to start but some how my body becomes immune to the vitamins help.
  8. I'm going to try the fish oil and really hoping it works as I would like for it to help my overall health. Most of my pimples are quick to heal, but not all of them. Some are better than others. My diet could definitely be better, but honestly it doesn't seem to matter all that much with me.
  9. I couldn't say my acne is really hormonal as I am already 23, but it's definitely worth a shot. Using just niacin, zinc, and vitamin A at the moment and my face had been pretty clear last week, but after eating poorly this past weekend I got a pimple. Hopefully I'll continue on the past trend.
  10. How essential would you say the fish oil is to this regime? I have yet to add them, but thinking about it.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/Nature-Made-Fish-Ome...s/dp/B0000DJAQU Is ^^^ That the fish oil you take?
  12. Are Niacin flushes truly worth it? About 10 minutes after tossing a pill back the flushing begins and it's pretty rough. Honestly though if it allows me better skin I'd do it all year long lol. Currently taking one vitamin A 10,000 UI @ 8am. Zinc pincolinate 30 mg at 1pm before eating and lastly one Niacin 250mg at 10:30pm an hour before bed. How long should I expect or not expect results? How long did it take you? My skin seems similar to yours. No deep pit scars, but redness. Perhaps I sh
  13. Would taking zinc pincolinate, vitamin A, and niacin help me any? I'm currently taking zinc, but would like to add the other two supplements. I'd take the vitamin A(1x 10,000 IU) in the morning around 10, the zinc (1x 30mg) at around 1pm and then lastly the niacin (2x 250mg pills) before I hit the pillow. I have another question; would taking one more zinc before I go to bed with the niacin be ok?
  14. I'll keep taking 60mg as I am now then. How long does zinc typically take to take any effect?
  15. I'm taking two of these a day. Is that too much? I just realized that was 10mg over the 50 mg limit.