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  1. the refining mask should be used with the system after the cleanser... it smells like fart because it has 6% sulfur in it, but trust me sulfur is a really effective antibacterial, the proactiv mask also has china clay that absorbs your excess oils so it gets rid of black heads.
  2. proactiv adv blemish treat + refining mask on top- sulfur really reduces redness and swelling
  3. I decided to post a good reveiw for proactiv since I keep seeing all these horrible reviews of the product, I've been using it for 3 1/2 years now, but I didn't acheive flawless skin until last year. And trust me my acne did not just go away, if I stop using it a month later i'll be full blown broken out. If anyone tried this product and it doesn't seem to be working I can help, I've done all the "what not to do's" possible. But seriously it works if you give it a chance