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  1. You know I have been experiencing the same thing. Never even thought it was because of the accutane! I was on cipro for 5 days and was fine while I was on the antibiotics, but as soon as I went off it was back, I can feel the symptoms right now...Ugg.
  2. Day 10 My face is on fire!!! I feel like I have a neverending sunburn and I look like it too!! Can you feel my frustrations here??? My face is hot and red, but smooth...ha ha. I have no new breakouts, just sore torn up lips and the above stated....Ouch
  3. IBKgirl, Thanks for the tip! I use a mositurizer with aloe in it, but never thought of using it straight. I will have to try it. Barb, I use emu & aloe sensitive moisturizer from Serious skin care, and I alternate with aveeno. How are things going for you? Gin N Juice,h Welcome & Congrats! I am so happy at my choice to take accutane, I already feel so much better about my skin and my choice. Feel free to join in and chat with all of us any time.....
  4. Day 8 Well things are about the same, my whiteheads are starting to come out on my chin and nose, but no new pimples. My skin is very smooth but dry, tight and itchy it is very tender and sore as well, but not to the extreme that I cna't handle it. I'm happy I haven't gotten any major break outs yet! Maybe I will get lucky and not get an IB (fingers crossed)
  5. Day 7 Okay so I am sick with a cold, so that sucks, beacause I have a runny nose and constantly blowing it is killing my skin. I am starting to really dry out and peel now. My face is getting itchy and red and peeling. I am a nurse and went into surgery the other day and when I came out after a couple hours of wearing the mask, my face was bright red and peeling and itching and it looks aweful now!! I put on moisturizer last night and it burned like hell!! , but no new pimples, so that is a