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  1. soooooo month 2 and my face looks awful. How you doin ? I'm at 60 daily now.

  2. I'm not talking out of my ass. It's my opinion. I'm not a god, a ruler, or anything, just a simple guy. So you shouldn't take my opinion and post and think every guy is like that. When I said a woman should have some meat on her, you don't need to generalize everything. It's just a message board, everyone has opinions. I think someone has something in the wrong hole, so just relax.
  3. She's ugly with or without the acne. A girl should have some meat on her, not just be bones and skin.
  4. Dry lips are easily taken care of with any lip balm. For dry skin I use Aveeno Moisturizer. If I don't moisturize my lips or skin, it get's VERY VERY VERY dry. The initial breakout sucks really bad, but it's only for a few weeks. The best advice I've received and that I can give is to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING on your face while on Accutane. I tried peeling/popping/etc. a pimple on my chin and I now have a big red mark. Luckily, no scar though.
  5. I just finished Month 1 and my initial breakout is done and I have only a few pimples left. And I'm still getting acne time to time, but not big breakouts.
  6. Yeah, a continous flow of the medicine is better than all at once. Just some common sense.
  7. Don't try to stop anything with other medicine and treatments. Just let the course do it's course.
  8. What's your question? I haven't personally experienced it but from people I know who took Accutane or other member's here, thye say that some Vaseline on a Q-Tip in your nose works.
  9. This thread get's suckier the more times Hollister and A&F are used.
  10. Yeah, it might not be as steady as taking it 12 hours apart, but at the end, you still have 80mg in your body.
  11. I used to have small...VERY small whiteheadish acne on my upper chin. (Where the top of the chin ends and makes that fold with your lower lip) It was like whiteheads and the pores were huge. So anyways, nothing could ever get rid of them. But for about a week while taking Accutane, it seemed to get worse. They looked like little white hairs. Then I noticed they're gone and it's 100% clear there. I guess in a way Accutane really does "push out" the acne.
  12. This is how I want to look A guy can dream can't he? And no, I'm not gay. http://www.supermanhomepage.com/images/sma.../cw-welling.jpg