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  1. It's normal to have an IB when starting Accutane. Currently I'm on day 14 and still breaking out. Keep going.
  2. Sorry it happened to you. When I was on spiro I actually lost weight. What caused me to gain weight was birth control. Hormones are so tricky to deal with.
  3. I know some people use it for eczema didn't know it helped with acne. Did you tried it ?
  4. The Tea Tree and the Alcohol is probably over drying your skin try using products that are more gentle on you skin for some time and you will definitely see some improvements.
  5. I know Aloe Vera works for a lot of people but in my case my skin don't do well on it. Maybe it's the same with your skin?
  6. Maybe you could try an anti fungal cream? If your problem is yeast related you can see improvements in a few days.
  7. Thank you for the information ! I will definitely get a softener. So tired of my skin.
  8. Maybe try using it every other day this way your skin won't peel as much.
  9. I really like Vanicream as a moisturizer and Cerave as a cleanser.
  10. I just started my first course. Currently I'm on 10mg every other day.
  11. Did you considered trying the shampoo? It worked better for me. If it still don't clear the SD you can ask you dermatologist for Protopic but only use it sparingly.
  12. My doctor wants me to do the same and I'm also scared about what might happen to my skin.
  13. 3 weeks propably won't cause the acne to become resistant to the antibiotic. It normally occurs on oral form (pills)
  14. Accutane is probably purging your skin that's why the cystic acne is happening. It normally get's better around month 4.
  15. DaniPeruci

    6th day

    I'm also on day 6 and having an IB. My dosage is 10mg every other day. Hope we see improvements soon. Keep updating.