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  1. well my doctor said that the sun might help it a little bit.. i think if you over do it it does make it worse because it dries out your skin.. but im pretty sure a quick tan every week might help
  2. Hey J Thats pretty much exactly what Im doing.. except for I am also doing a salt bath before that.. And I can say it's showing some pretty good results
  3. Salt store?? I drive by salt ponds everyday, but I've never seen a salt store before. Anyone in the Bay Area know where I could find one?
  4. i would try the panoxyl bar.. i've been using it for like 2 or 3 days and i've seen a very good improvement i've also been taking salt baths every night.. good results. i myself am planning going to the beach soon so i'm hoping to clear up
  5. Hey guys. Here's a good update on my case I was thinking about how laundry detergent can affect bacne.. So i went out and bought sunlight for sensisitve skin detergent and also some fragrance free fabric sheets for the dryer. I also bought some sea salts for my bath.. And i dumped a little bit in.. soaked for like 15 mins.. as SOON as i got out i noticed HUGE HUGE results.. the redness went away and it ddnt seem so irritataed.. IN JUST 15 MINS.. imagine what it would do everyday. i also incl
  6. i've ben using the back brush.. and i use a puffy thing in the shower. i cant really complain i guess.