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  1. im not sure what to do about all of the marks left on my face. i was able to get rid of my acne using the regimen, spiro and solodyn (still using all three) i use a good sunscreen and the regimen AHA as well, but the marks will not budge. HELP! including before and afters so you can see the type of acne it was, maybe that helps.
  2. So my acne is pretty bad and I simply cannot consider going lighter on the makeup per Dan's suggestion because sheer make up will not cover anything--- I used to use Paula's Choice clear system which includes a salicycid acid exfoliant that I applied with a cotton ball after washing my face with my hands and then using a clarisonic--- these steps were insuring that I removed all my makeup but they were not GENTLE so I know I need to stop them.... I just started the regimen and the gentle washi
  3. At 27 I woke up with insane cystic acne a few months ago. After trying Atralin, Clindagel and Aczone about 2 weeks ago I finally I went on 55mg of solodyn, lo loestrin birth control and 50mg of spiro a day. I e-mailed my dermatologist and asked about increasing my spironolactone based on some things I've read on this forum and elsewhere-- like that you should be taking spiro twice a day exactly 12 hours apart. I asked if I could increase to 100mg and she told me to go ahead but didn't specify if