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  1. My hubby bought me an iPad and unfortunately, I decided to take a pic of my 54 yr old face. Now I feel completely devastated by the truth in this image. I've suffered for yrs with the effects from acne. People...including my derm, tell me "it's not that bad" and imply that I'm exaggerating! Well....pics don't lie. No wonder I shy away from being in direct light. I have been diagnosed with bdd but my defect is obviously not imagined. Does a yo e know if laser would help my problem?
  2. I think that is a great question. Exfoliating is basically manually (through rubbing or friction) removing the top layer of skin (not completely, of course). To me it makes sense. I love the feel of a back brush, but I can honestly say that I started using a loofah back brush and my back seemed to get worse. I have heard often and for a long time that washclothes and sponges of any kind do indeed hold on to too much bacteria and it is not good. If we could use a brand new brush every day or
  3. Hi AJ

    Yes, I'm on this board cuz of lovely acne problems. Why on earth would anyone want to just "lurk"??? I love looking at the pics the best, don't you? It makes me feel better that I'm not alone in all this. I admire you for posting your pics; you will be helping a lot of people; giving them hope and strength...and you honestly do have gorgeous eyes and teeth; Keep

    1. What an absolute doll! You have gorgeous eyes AND teeth; and now your skin is looking much healthier!!! Stay sweet!
    2. I am very proud of you!!! You keep up the good work with the accutane. I give you so much credit for putting your pictures up here and letting us follow your journey. You don't know how many people's lives you are helping. Thank you.
    3. You have the most beautiful blue eyes. You'll see...you will get your life back. You are young and the accutane will clear you up. Please be patient and come here for as much support as you need. You are going to knock the girls dead!! SMILE!!
    4. amjbrick

      my agony.jpg

      I'm a registered nurse. You must, if you haven't already, go to the doctor and have that cyst excised. A cyst like that is most certainly filled with pus and if left untreated can cause a systemic infection. It is no wonder that you are not feeling well. You will have it removed/drained; possibly a couple stiches put in and will be placed on antibiotics. It sounds like you've been through this before. My back looks much like yours and I get large cysts too, but not quite as large as the on