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  1. If a pimple is ready to be popped, it's better to just go ahead with it. At least in my case. If I leave it, it just stays there for ages! My skin only gets irritated if I pick at a spot before it's ready and then it will take longer to heal. The only noticeable scars I have had were on my chest, where I have never picked...though with a little apple cider vinegar they have lightened a little and just look like freckles now
  2. Fizgig


    I was on it for 6 months and it helped a lot with my acne but I did have some side effects, including depression and anxiety, so I changed my BCP recently. However, I do know of many people that didn't have these side effects but it's important that you're aware of them so you can look out for any mental or physical changes while you're taking this pill.
  3. Been a while since I've posted with moving to uni and everything...things have been hectic! I'd been fine for a while but have had a small break out in the last couple of days, which I am positive is stress related :/ Second pack of Marvelon now and my moods have been a lot better than on Dianette and my skin hasn't gone crazy so I can't complain too much!
  4. Glad you don't have bad side effects! I'm on Marvelon now and it seems to suit me a lot better. I think my skin is actually a little bit better than it was on Dianette and the only side effect that I seem to be suffering from at the moment is bigger boobs :/
  5. It does work with Dianette and it is perfectly safe to do...although in my Marvelon leaflet it recommends that you don't miss a break more than three times in a row. I'm not entirely sure why but it doesn't bother me since going on the pill I haven't really had any trouble with periods so I have no need to keep supressing them - guess I'm lucky!
  6. I was on Dianette for six months. It helped a lot with my skin, though I was never totally clear...but still, it was a HUGE improvement! I stopped taking it recently because it was having horrible effects on my moods - there were times when I was actually feeling suicidal. My GP gave me a prescription for Marvelon, which I've now been taking for nearly two weeks and my skin is still quite good...perhaps even a little better than it was on Dianette. I know not everyone is affected by Dianette in
  7. I had mild-moderate acne for about 10 years and it was an absolute nightmare to find treatments that worked as a lot of things either made it worse or completely dried out the skin, leaving it painful and red. However, when I started taking birth control to help with my acne (about 6 months ago) it became much more under control. I've recently started using duac as well and it's just getting better and better - with just a little bit of make up on my skin looks completely clear, which is somethi
  8. Mine actually began to get better on its own over a few years but it didn't clear up entirely until three or four months after I started taking dianette. It can help but I wouldn't be too quick to recommend dianette after my experience - it made a huge difference in my skin but the spells of depression were almost unbearable. However, since it doesn't affect everyone in that way I wouldn't say that you definitely shouldn't try it because there's a good chance that you would be absolutely fine.
  9. My acne has been mild recently, I remember having an IB when I first started taking dianette, which lasted a couple of months...so I guessed something similar would probably happen if I switched pills. Hopefully the gel I was prescribed will help to keep that under control up to a point and if my moods do improve and the downside is a few extra spots, I'd have to say it's worth it!
  10. Nope. I started to feel depressed on Marvelon within the first day or two- as in crying randomly for no real reason. It also gave me daily migraines. I lasted about 5-6 weeks before deciding it was best for me to go off because my mood was affecting my everyday life far too much. I have a friend who took the US version (Desogen) and experienced similar problems with moodiness and headaches for over a year before going off it. Oh dear...that's how I have been feeling on dianette, hence the chan
  11. What type of cancer? I know that if you have a family history of breast cancer you're not supposed to take diane 35 because it increases the risk. However, as far as I know it there isn't a link between diane 35 and other types of cancer.
  12. Dianette was slowly but surely working for my skin but making me feel anxious and depressed, so my doctor prescribed me Marvelon yesterday (and also some Duac to put on my skin). I'll be starting it straight after my last pack of dianette, at the beginning of next week. Has anyone had any success with this pill?
  13. Thanks, I'm going to make an appointment this week to ask about it and I've almost finished my current pack of dianette...so after my break would I just start taking Yasmin instead? You said you did have some mood changes on dianette (thankfully not to the extent I did lol) but was there any difference in your moods on yasmin? I'm a little bit annoyed because I can see that my skin is improving but to be honest if it means getting rid of these mood swings I can definitely put up with a couple
  14. I've been taking dianette about 6 months now and my skin is definitely a lot better than it was before. However, I have been having the most incredible mood swings. I'm often anxious, depressed and even paranoid, frequently ending up in tears for seemingly no reason. I'm by no means the world's happiest person and I've always had days or weeks when I've felt quite down but I have NEVER felt this bad without a valid and obvious reason! From what I have seen, this seems to be fairly common with
  15. Eugh, I hate spots on my nose, they usually hurt the most... Try putting a little tea tree oil on it on a night? That usually helps my spots come to the surface faster.