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  1. Hey All, So im back, it's been about a week and a half i guess, maybe more, ive been on a little vacation around the province, and sorry i didn't post sooner. The results are staggering, and extreamly pleasing. Im clear with exception of red marks that are clearing nicely, and one under the surface mofo on my cheek, but its small and i doubt it'll even surface, so hahahaha that's that. However, it's been a bad week for food, ive been eating like trash and im worried this will have some effect
  2. Ok i can accept that, but i still have more questions, like which ones and why. A.
  3. "Pimples gestate for weeks." or "That product i used yesterday made me break out." Ok, so which is it, is it both, im a tad lost on this one. You hear that pimples you get have been on the way for a week, two weeks, ive even heard 6 weeks. So im wondering, which is it. ? What is the life cycle of a pimple. From inception to it's death. If we can clear this up, then we can set appropriate lengths for trials of products. And hopefully clear some other stuff up too. A.
  4. Hey, Can anyone tell me the difference between a cream cleanser like that which biore manufactures, and other cleansers like foaming face washes? Are cream cleansers better for sensitive skin? Info me pls. a.
  5. Hey all, OK so before i get into the theory behind this i figure since this is my first post i better give a little backround about myself, and the condition/involvement of my acne. Im 23, well just turned anyway. I never had and issue with my skin when i was in highschool, not an issue that really bothered me anyway. I can think of key times when breakouts existed on my face, but i can't say they really took over and inflicted and emotional state on me. At the time i never used products,