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  1. Neo2

    Electric shaver

    I've bought the cleaner form Philishave to try it out. It says that it's also lubricating the blades. Hopefully, reducing irritation. Neo
  2. Hi, I've bought Cover FX Natural FX to try it out. It seems that the C20 color is the mostly used one. I'll let you know how it goes. Neo
  3. Neo2

    Electric shaver

    Souvenir, quick question for you. Is the razor flexible head making a big difference??? Neo
  4. When I started the regime last week, I bought Neutrogena Visibly Clear. It's doing a good job. But, it's pretty expensive for only 50 ml (10$ Canadian) :doh: . I expect to finish it this week. So, like 10 days total. So, I bought Cataphil Moisturising Lotion . Same price, but for 220 ml!!! :dance: But I've just noticed, after going on the Cetaphil web site, that I should have bought the moisturizer with sun protection. Well, next time. :think: Neo
  5. Neo2

    Electric shaver

    I was shaving before taking my shawer. But I do it after now, waiting a bit to make sure my skin is dry. It removes the oil from my skin and it's easier to shave. Neo
  6. Neo2

    Electric shaver

    I remove the head from the razor (rotaty) and put it in rubbing alcohol after I've shaved in the morning, making sure I remove as mush hair as I can with the razor brush. When I get back from work, I remove the excess rubbing alcohol with a facial tissus and let it dry for the next morning. I was doing it meaby once a month. But I'm now doing it every day for the past week. It may sound funny, but it feels 'fresh' everytime. A good way to remove all the hairs, is using a vacuum cleaner!!!
  7. I've been using salicylic acid for a while, and no effect to my blackheads. Neo
  8. Why did you increased the % of BP???? Is it making a big difference??? Neo
  9. I've noticed, after taking my shower, redness at the bottom of my neck (I only tried on my neck last night as a first test), which was probably hidden by the white of the Sudocream. I presume that I should make sure to put hydratation before Sudocream. Because, I went lower with the Sudocream than I did with the hydratation. The top of my neck is fine. I'll try it out. Neo
  10. First night on Sudocream. This morming, the skin looks good. A bit less redness. I'll go on tonight. Neo
  11. Well, having acne, I was telling miself, who would be willing to kiss me!! Neo
  12. In fact, it's more or less like overweight people. Many think that if they lose so mush, they will be happier. But it's more complicated that that. I remember someone I've met many years ago. He has been burned to the face. His skin color was like red wine. BUT, he was such a nice guy that after a few minutes, I didn't care anymore about his apparence. He seems so in peace with himself. It made me think!!! Neo
  13. Thanks for the link mr d rok. I found it at Jean-Coutu Pharmacy (I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Did not see it at Pharmaprix (Quebec version of Shopper Drug Mart). I'll try it out tonight!!! Neo
  14. Anyone tried Sudocream with Retisol-A??? I've started on Retisol-A two days ago (applied in the evening). Should I wait a bit to get used to Retisol-A before adding Sudocream??? Is it avalable in Canada??? Thanks Neo