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  1. haha....i think that guy would be laughing so hard if he ever saw this post. guys are simple, they say what they mean. they dont have a bunch of secret key words or you don have to always be reading their body language or try and find the true meanings behind their hints like with a woman. he said he was going to talk to you later. and he did. im sure he liked you. dont stress out so much next time.
  2. hope it works out for you man......ive been there before. just have a good time......wouldnt it be funny if she showed up with some zits on her face too?.....would you even care?.......i bet she wont either........but anyways at least give it a shot those are the only things i know of to do anything at all in this short amount of time
  3. thats an Fd up story man sorry......i cant believe she would listen to her parents also after saying something so bad like that. i say, get yourself some accutane, workout all summer and go to school next year a new man and make her rethnk being a total douche to you
  4. cortisone shots are only for cysts/big ass pimples. You only have 2 days you sure are cutting it close man. All i can suggest is using ice, or calamine lotion, or zinc gluconate @ 100mg a day
  5. go to a derm and get cortisone shots those work. also if you can grow a goatee that helps to cover it up too when i used to break out a lot of times it was on my chin so i just kept facial hair and no1 cuold tell.
  6. well SJ, paul said that he does not want to be a virgin so thats what i was posting about trying to help him. and no offense but considering you are still a virgin that rules you out from judging any advice about having sex
  7. i had acne like yours, took accutane at 23....its all gone. take the stuff. i had chapped lips and had to use a mosturizer so my skin wouldnt dr.y. thats it
  8. could be totally wrong i dont really remember but i thought ucfguy3 said something about having something that looked like acne and it itched and eventually one doctor took a swab and got it tested and it came back as gram negative folliculitus/a staph infection .... my memory is hazy though that post is on here somewhere
  9. i hate that crap......screw acne. thank god for the tane
  10. defenitly see another derm. if it is bad enough for you to have to come in and get cysts injected someone should give you accutane. i had mild acne, and wanted it gone, so i went in for accutane. got totally denied. so i went on aad.org and searched all the derms in my area and started making appointments....the 4th one gave it straight to me. im completely clear now.
  11. honestly that was one of the best posts ive seen on here. it made me sad it was written like a story and i felt like it was happening to me too....sorry that was a shit deal for you.
  12. ya just tell him why....because he probably right now has no idea why and does feel rejected when you do that, but if you told him you didnt like your skin or it makes you self conscious he will totally understand that
  13. i always thought you were smart caribou....good call