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  1. looks like non inflammed acne..same prob for me...i use glyc 5%, derm a gel, and bp to control it.. also, icing helps a lot.. ice for 2mins twice a day.. doesnt get inflammed most of the time if u do it consistantly.. also my face is very sensitive as well, i used Green Cream and Paulas 2% BHA gel to get rid of those (yes successfully).. took 4months to get clear but it worked.. downfall is my face couldnt handle green cream anymore..it was always so raw and became even more sensitive.. but i ha
  2. iv always had blackheads on my nose..even when i never broke out, blackheads were always there so i thought it was something i couldnt get rid of so i never really cared for it (i thought it was something i had to live with for the rest of my life and it wasnt inflamed and wasnt on any part of my face besides nose so i didnt really care).. then i started using glyc 5% that iv purchased from this acne clinic i go to...about a month after, all of my blackheads were gone! like i woke up one day and
  3. what makeup did u use to wear? what are the ingredients? btw, i experienced the same thing! i thought i was reading my own story.. i really know how you feel UGH. im still recovering from it as well
  4. I'm pretty sure BE has mica.... :checks: Yes, it does. Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Iron Oxides.
  5. once again, it's not the same for everyone. most people will say it's not irritating but it was for me at least which is why i cant use everyday mmu, alima mmu, joppa mmu, and luminiare. on the other hand, bism. ox. that everyone here at acne.org (BE mmu haters) hates is actually okay for me, i dont feel any itchness or any breakout. so really, u just gota try it and find out.
  6. hey, i just got your msg and i replied back..im so sorry to hear and yes, i totally agree with the person above me. i got clear then i started playing around with a few makeup, started breaking out again like crazy. physicians formula was one of them and i really loved the coverage but it did clog pores. and yes, it is possible to get tons of breakouts on just one side of cheeks.. but the thing is, once you start using your acne products and start to clear up, you will notice that the side tha
  7. hi kim! a quick question for ya~ i was just wondering if you had experienced any peelings with derm-a-gel? thanks a lot! <3
  8. l-o-v-e by joss stone soundtrack from coco mademoiselle chanel ads...i LOVe it!!
  9. very good post. i agree with you and i also agree with the rest. yall have a good point =) i personally became more self conscious so thats one negative thing.. but i learned to become more patient, trying real hard not to judge people by their appearance (less shallow?), and i actually appreciate things i took for granted in the past. things happen for a reason.
  10. yeah when i found out that i need to stay away from sushi, i almost had a heartattack! haha i havent had it since i started going to clinic so im doing a good job with that so far but im not very sure if i can really commit to it for the rest of my life...! thanks a lot kim, it has helped me a lot. ill come and let you know how it goes when i reach 6-8wk! (unless i have another question!hehe)
  11. yeah sorry if i made it sound like using 5% glyc is waste of time~ thats not what i was trying to say haha it's a lot better to use it than not using it at all for sure i was just saying that maybe 5% isn't doing as much of work as 10% would be doing but then again if laura thinks i can move up to 10% then she will make me so im not too worried about that.. i just need to learn to be patient.. and speaking of reduction of clogged pores.. okay i actually noticed a lot more now than in the beginn
  12. yeah i am trying to be patient but you know how it is......................... a minute seems like an eternity when youre suffering from acne. 5% glyc is somewhat dry for me sometimes but i don't really peel that much. i thought it wasnt strong enough cause it didn't look like it was really unclogging pores.. i mean it definitely became more noticeable and got bigger so maybe in 2-4wks, it will start coming out? i dont know, i guess ill just have to wait. i just dont want to waste another week u
  13. hey kim glad things are going well for you.. just out of curiosity, did your esthetician add mandelic acid from the beginning of your treatment? i always hear great things about mandelic acid im dying to use it cause i dont think 5% glyc is strong enough for me. maybe 10% will make a difference?