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  1. This. and possibly they have a cleaner body since they are younger
  2. Yeah. Thank you, I appreciate your input. I'm doubtful I'd go back to meat but I will assess the situation again should things become severe. ha ha thank you that made me laugh infact. Quoted for the truth. Personality not important. Face not important. Body IMPORTANT! lol
  3. to make you feel better....if that's you in the pic, I would do you in a second even with mild/mod acne. have a good day
  4. How bout no. Chips suck. They don't even taste that good. At least cheat with something that is Gooood
  5. I think people without acne are just clear because they toxin aren't attacking them in the area that affects their skin. Genetics. Gotta love em So nah. there is no little evil man in the sky tryin to make your life suck.
  6. thank you. I try to be original!

  7. This is what I usually eat but not exactly today. I cheated with pasteurized milk Breakfast: 2 or 3 eggs cooked with GHEE Lunch: Steak or leftovers from the night before. Snack: Lettuce with a plum Dinner: Chicken legs Kinda bland but still satisfies me
  8. Wait. Supplements help you relax? Maybe supplements can help with stress but I think you really have to calm yourself down by yourself. Try to of course avoid stressful situations at all times as nothing good comes from them and do fun actives when you can to help you relax also. Sorry for being mr. obvious but that's what needs to be said
  9. I'm not even close to clear. and the dairy and wheat and other junk food came with a price of constipation :S
  10. I've been without dairy for only 2 weeks maybe 3 and without wheat for about a month and I've added them back in 4 days ago. Nothing seems out of the ordinary; I'm guessing I just built up insulin sensitivity since I used to have very bad inflammation from milk and wheat. Anyway I'm back to my regular diet tommorow after I have me some corndogs.
  11. I'm glad I found this log.It's good to see that you've got great results.Keep us updated! You've provided me with a wealth of inspiring wisdom that will last a life time.
  12. Congrats.Your skin looks like a normal teenager's now.I'm gonna start drinking sugar free red bull occasionally since your great results inspired me. keep on keeping on