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  1. Latte

    wash it off!

    Best advices i have heeded are, to be gentle with the skin, drink lotsa water and as Dan says, "balanced skin is beautiful happy skin"!
  2. Latte

    wash it off!

    LOL ... its good that we have this forum, now we know thick vs thin skin people needs diferent kinds of treatment. Now, i only spot-treat every other day and everything is in control and happy!
  3. Skin is still slightly dry and slight redness still occur in areas outside my T-zone. Like others, i am having tiny zits on "weird" areas where i didnt apply BP so i am kind of applying a thin layer all over the face. I am not really bothered by the few tiny zits but more by dry flaky skin and the red marks but fine, it will go. Good Luck to others on the regimen.
  4. Skin is still dry, dark red scars still prominent but skin is smooth, a few tiny zits still around, if i dab on the tinted pimple cream, i dont see my zits at all. Anyway, i only use bp in the night and not more than 3 hrs, in the day, i only use a thin layer to prevent oiliness.
  5. Latte

    wash it off!

    Hey thanks for telling me others are doing this as well! I have sensitive and "thin" skin, you can see the capillaries/veins on my face and my face is only oily in the T-zone so i supposed that might be why my skin cannot tolerate the BP for too long. Anyway, just want to tell others out there if anyone is "suffering" painful, sore, dry, crusting skin from too much BP and zits are not improving even after being on the regimen for weeks, might want to try putting the same amt of BP recommended
  6. Finally convinced that my skin cannot tolerate bp on for more than a few hrs, went back to putting TONS of BP and washing off after 3 hrs, zits went down, skin looks better, not as crinkly, horrid looking dry.
  7. Wonder if its because i have dry skin now that my skin seemed to look better, one area with two zits left, white heads gone but they will be back soon, i am sure, they nv like leaving me for long. Skin is still dry with dark red scars (from zits), uneven skin texture, two unsightly zits left, if i moisturise well in the morn and cover lightly with concealor, i look fine.
  8. Hi Dan, i was wondering if the BP gel you are producing more drying and does it sting bad? I have tried using PANOXYL 2.5% GEL and it BURNS BAD, leaving my skin all swelled up and crusty later, horrid experience. OTS creamy texture is still quite moisturising even though it burns slightly on my skin, just wondering if i am sensitive to all BP GEL or is it just PANOXYL. Plus, like others i want to THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and experience with acne medications with us, the TONS of BP re
  9. Generally, all zits have subsided except for a few tiny whiteheads. Skin is still patchy, dry and littered by dark red scars. I am quite happy with my skin now, it is in the recovery state, just need to continue and hope the dark red scars will lighten soon. /
  10. Bad zits generally all subsided, skin is still raw, itchy, dry and uneven. Quite a few new small whiteheads. Hopefully my skin may recover to its normal state by next week. [-o<
  11. Inflamation at my bad patch has gone down, painful zit still around but no longer painful, two new small whiteheads has just surfaced. Generally, skin is at a manageable state now!
  12. I just watched Dan's video and saw the pics that showed how much bpo to use which i only realised that the full finger thinggy is for the whole face and not just for each area of the face that is prone to having acne. No wonder i cant blend the finger full of bp into my "patch" of acne prone skin. Anyway, my skin is better, two areas much clearer but still littered with tiny spots, one painful zit gone and another still begging me to kill it (;isolated cases), one very bad patch with 3 painf
  13. Hello, i started having zits since 19 and i am 22 now. Have been on differin and tetracycline (skin is relatively good for 2 years on medication) and within a week since i stopped taking tetra, i broke out worse than ever and got a few painful zits which i hardly ever get. I dunno if my acne has worsen "naturally" or the antibiotics has made my acne bacteria all the more stonger but this is when i decided to give Dan's regimen a try. I had a few small zits when i started and it broke out wors