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  1. I have one of those on my chin i end up with the smelly finger too. I hate it when I touch it, I know whats going to happen but anyways..
  2. My cyst devlop spots that get soft and then will drain, the ones that drain will leave scars. The otheres that do not drain usally do not scar.
  3. I have already Mentioned to my doctors about hormones and they quickly dismiss it. When I go to the doctor they give me leavquin and tell me to come back if it gets worse, it gets worse I come back they Lance and drain it. No matter which way i try streer our conversaton they all lead to a dead end. I have taken your advice already been careful about what I say, I have only asked questions that may lead or trigger the doctors. I have already been the nice quite trusting patient who blindly nod
  4. I passed out during and injection He just kept on sticking me it was awful! It was early on in my treatment about ten years ago or so. Since then I have learned to concentrate on breathing during anything that hurts. I be lying on the table while the docs are lancing a cyst breathing like I am having a baby or something, I guess it is a little amusing for them.
  5. With my cyst the large they get the more scaring I get. Good news is that some of the smaller scars that are red or even purple fade with time. My sister decorates her scars with tattoos
  6. I want to get my hormones checked. I have some sings of hormone problems. Before BC I had 38 day cycles (which were awful). I was on Nuva Ring for two years and thought my cyst problem was over. After a year a started getting them again along with the awful beofe BC problems. I was shocked when they can back along with others who I had told my cyst problem was gone. The last six month I was on Nuva ring my mood swings were getting very bad. I stopped the nuva ring and started feeling mood wise b
  7. A surgon ran a culture on one of mine that he drained and removed. He told me what it was and that was it. You guys make me feel much better, already from this board I have learned about two medications that my doctors have not tried. I have leraned that hormone really do play a role, i was lead to believe otherwiise. You guys are are very helpful thanks a bunch!
  8. Jugodelima

    My Agony Scars and Cyst

    Years of scars
  9. I think I had one that I paid $200 to be drained. I switched Insurance and found out that it was not covered.
  10. I had one behind my ear and one on my sholder. They never hurt or bothered me but were very ugly, I had both of them removed surgicaly. I wished all of my cyst were like those two.
  11. Hi I am new to this board I should have looked a long time ago for board like this. This is my latest cyst it took one day for the redness and swelling to appear. I have had 3 out patient surgerys to remove about 20 cyst, countless lancings, years of pain and scaring. I have a twin sister who suffers the same. I was on Acutane about six years ago. My doctor ended treatment due to my hair falling out, before the accutane I was on atibotics which i found out i was allergic to. The last demotoglist