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  1. Thank you for your response! I'll definitely try it out
  2. Is it safe to use acne.org's glycolic acid and clindoxyl gel ( which is 1%Clindamycin, 5% Benzoyl Peroxide) together? I know that they say that it's best to use both acne.org's glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment for acne, so does that mean it would have the same effect with using clindoxyl gel since it contains 5% benzoyl peroxide or would it have a certain type of reaction because of the clindamycin?
  3. I don't break out that often anymore, but if I do I usually just leave it alone. I still have a few minor scars/red marks from acne and I was just wondering if it's suitable to use AHA+ without being on the Acne.org Regimen? *I just use a Cetaphil cleanser and I'm thinking of adding AHA+ to help improve my skin even more