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  1. It's okay

    I use this on my nose for blackheads. It leaves a shiny residue that I'm not fond of, however, I have noticed that I have fewer blackheads.
  2. Pretty Good!

    I only wash my face with this when I haven't wore any makeup that day. If you apply it gently, and only wash for like 15-30 seconds, your skin won't over dry.
  3. Hi everyone! Welcome to my post! Here are the topics that I'll be discussing: Accutane Birth Control / PCOS Cosmetics Washing your face Topical medications Before you continue reading I'd like to say that I'm still dealing with cystic acne. It's been a long journey, but my skin has improved dramatically. I've accepted that I'll never have perfect skin, but that doesn't mean I can't have try to have decent skin. Attached are pictures of my Accutane journe
  4. I had a huge cystic breakout after taking for 4-5 days. My skin was so unbelievably oily. I was so embarrassed. I can't believe that this is recommended for acne.
  5. I love it, but acne comes back.

    For someone with hormonal acne, it isn't a long term solution for your problems. However, if you have horrible severe cystic acne, like how I did, you need to use this because it is the first step towards healing your skin. I went on Accutane at the beginning of my senior year and by prom my skin was glowing and perfect. 3 years later, my skin has gotten worse and worse again, but that's okay because I've found other great products work wonders for my skin. My side effects: -dry eyes (used
  6. Perfection- The best that I've used

    This face wash has really helped with clearing my acne. I've been using it for 3 months. You know how your skin can feel tight after washing your face? Yeah, that's bad for your skin and will not help your acne. This face wash doesn't leave you feeling tight or dry even if you wash it like 3 times back to back. It's gentle, it cleans your face really well, and you can use it throughout the whole day and not dry out your face. From someone who has acne since 12 and currentl

    (From Accutane to Acanya!!!!) I'm 21 and I've suffered from severe acne since the beginning of puberty. I used to have several huge, painful cysts all over my checks until I took Accutane, which completely cleared me. Unfortunately, 3 years later, my skin had slowly gotten worse and worse, and began to look exactly like before I took Accutane. That all changed when I started using Acanya!!! I've been using this for about 2 months now and I honestly couldn't have had better results. My skin i