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  1. Do you guys believe that i'm taking:- Finesteride 1.25mg daily Aldactone (Spiro) 100mg daily Beta Sitesterol 120mg daily and Flax Seed oil 1000mg daily and still break out... I'm also using Dan's regimen... i don't know what else to do..
  2. I am from Klang Bandar DiRaja.... what's the problem you've been facing?
  3. Anybody here recommend this full range of products? I plan to purchase it and add it into my current DAN'S Regimen Anybody using this product together with Dan's Regimen? Check out this link:- http://www.eucerin.lt/ranges/acne/med_bckgnd.html
  4. Hi people, It's been a while since I posted. Anyway, I am currently recovering from a very severe round of pimple outbreak. i will usually get this once every month. I am currently doing Dan's regimen Day and Night but using Oxy 10%BP gel instead of the 2.5% (I feel i need stronger medication) However, since my pimple is now gone, i am left with some red marks on my cheek... I am hoping to clear this with Pure Deming Intense G-ALA gel and their Glycolic Acid Peel.... Can you advise on ho
  5. ho seh bo singaporean?! I am from KL.. so consider your neigbour lor... you can't get TCA in KL.. .therefore I can't help you... About retin -A.... I would suggest you get RENOVA.... it's availabe in any pharmacy... I am using Retin A for my hairloss by the way...
  6. hydroquine is NOT dangerous if you use it with sunblock lotion... make sure you use sunblock if you use hydroquine or buy one with a mixture of sunblock....
  7. MSM is a type of sulfur... I take 5000gram daily with 750mg of vitamin C.... Sulfur is very good at detoxification of the body....
  8. Guys, I found out that taking MSM and Vitamin C is the best way to smoothen skin and reduce red marks... YOu all should try it!!!
  9. I am taking MSM at large quantity for 3 months now... Daily , 5 grams.... I started out taking MSM to grow hair... It indeed, makes my hair grow darker...
  10. I would recommend to anybody doing and flushing to include MSM into their regimen. I recently did a chinese style flush ( i do not know what medicine I took!!!) I followed up the flush with 5 grams of MSM... After 2 weeks, I notice my skin is dry and less red marks!!!! the scars are fading away....
  11. if you have red marks on your body due to allergy or rashes... i recommend you to take MSM...