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  1. gam0101

    Doxycycline & Retina A

    I recently had a terrible acne flare up. I have been suffering from acne since I was 10 and I'm 29. I had two laser treatments and the last round cause some serious flare up. The Derm recommended Accutune but I"m afraid of the side effects. Today is my first day tying Doxycycline and Retina A . I hope it works. I'm also trying it on my back.
  2. gam0101



    Fraxel has significantly reduced the depth of my scars. I still have the scars but they are definitely not as noticeable. I had two rounds of Fraxel in the deepest setting and I will recommend it. The first few months its going to be a nightmare. Your face will look terrible and it can bring acne. Right now I am battling with acne I will start on Tretinoin and antiobiotic.