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  1. I only have a higher case of mild acne that I think is genetic. I would like to get on accutane for a shorter time. none of the topical meds I've used has worked. ever tentin or whatever its called. Im also wondering if the accutane will be killed foreva? hahaha.If you have any sugestions post here
  2. summers coming and you don't want to have pimples in the summer. Also everygirl wants that "Bikinni Body" that everyone is raving to have. This summer I am going on a fish and veggi diet. I will need some support so ne one who wants to do it with me just post away
  3. does this help with fair skin I do use a self tanning lotion but it rubs off and streaks. I think it works by injecting melin in the skin the pigment that makes your skin darker. when will it be FDA approved
  4. what kind of colors do you use
  5. Does ne one know about green tea? I do. I drink the content of 3 bags 3x daily if ne of yall want to try it with me or have had an experience with it please mention it here
  6. I always wanted to know how to get a smokey eye I dont wear make up because I feel that it will agravate my pimples. my mom says all I have to do is wear so eye make up. anyway I have a small bluish green eye and medium tan skin
  7. I totally share in your experience I just have a few pimples but I still advoid mirrors as much as possibe i noticed with prayers with God and lokking in the mirror when there is some dim light helps my confidence level. Im so desprate that I tried 3 opened gree tea bags 3 times a day for about a week now
  8. you could use a sunless tanner I use some with no oil and absobic acid
  9. i have noticed that I have less oil when I apply it topically and pimples seem less raised
  10. for acne free in 3 days the raisins
  11. hey what about raisins, will that work instead of grapes? Ill also try to eat green tea well at least the content of the 9 packets 3 times a week three times a day for 7 days its decaffinated and i tried it in smaller amounts. do you think that it will help weight loss
  12. I would like to know the Acne free in 3 days ways because I would like to try them if you know about what oils or the regiem please help me
  13. Im talking it try taking it with beta carotene about 10000iu good luck zinc also help alot of other things
  14. Hi I am going to sing perfessionally. anyway I started developing pimples in the 7th grade its not severe but I still need them gone by a week or so Ill tell you all when I get my website up love yall bunches please help me out.( I start my photos in a month or so and I have verry sensitive skin need some of the redness and flaking to go away