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  1. I'm not really sure what you are asking, but I do have experience with Aloe Vera gel. I use the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel from the drug store. It is clear and comes in a pump bottle. I just spread it on like moisturizer and leave it on my face. It is really soothing and has healing properties. I have never worn it under my makeup, but I think there are several people here that do - they use it like a makeup primer. I use moisturizer under my foundation - even if I am using liquid fo
  2. I use Clean & Clear Advantage Cleanser - (it's basically just a good liquid soap with sal. acid) and a washcloth. It takes off everything, even Colorstay. I use Almay eye makeup remover pads (oil-free) for my mascara/ eye makeup. I am amazed at how many people here can use cold cream. If I get within ten feet of cold cream, I break out. Wow. I tried the makeup remover cloths because I travel for my job and I didn't like travelling with liquid soap - but I couldn't get all my makeup of
  3. I am using Signature Minerals with good results. It evens out my blotchy skin tone and doesn't cost a fortune. It's my "everyday" makeup and it looks natural if I don't overdo it. I also use Revlon Colorstay, but I wouldn't put it in the "natural looking" category. I use it when I am having a photo done or when I am lecturing (my job.) Hope you find something that works for you and congrats on your clear skin!
  4. I tried EM and really WANTED to like it. I knew shipping would be next day because they are not far from where I live. I tried it over and over again, but I just couldn't wear it. It looked great when I put it on in the morning, but after an hour or so, it seemed to melt into my face, turning into a dark, muddy color. I switched to a different color, thinking I had just chosen the wrong color. But I had the same results - it either turned reddish or muddy after a while. I have fair skin w
  5. i googled it and it seems a little risky to me... bismuth subgallate (although it says it is used in wound healing, it also says it can cause irritation)
  6. it sounds more like an allergic reaction than actual spreading scars to me. it could be that you are allergic to some ingredient in the makeup - especially if you notice the clusters of red marks go away when you don't use it. that sounds more like some kind of allergic dermatitis. i don't see how it can be scars if you haven't had acne in those areas.
  7. shorton


    That's really strange because adenoids go away as you reach adult-hood. They are only present in children. I had my tonsils out at age 20 and had no adenoids at that time at all. Here's a link All About Adenoids I wonder if the inflamed adenoids were just causing her immunity to be weakened ... allowing bacteria to grow in her pores and elsewhere? dunno?
  8. Nope. Think it gave me cysts, so I'm afraid to try it again. MessyNessie, I'm envious ... I really liked it but had to switch to something without Bismuth.
  9. For foundation I'm using Signature Minerals. For finishing powder, Everyday Minerals. Blush and eyeshadows from Aubrey Nicole. Wish I could just order from one place instead of three. LOL!
  10. Sounds like you had an allergic reaction to something in the cream. Lanolin does that to me. Have you tried Cortisone cream? It might bring the inflammation, itching, redness down a bit. I'm intrigued with your eyelash dyeing. Let us know how long it lasts.
  11. I can't personally recommend Bare Minerals. Although some people can wear it, the vast majority in this forum cannot. Here's a thread There are many other good mineral makeup companies. I really like Signature Minerals. I also use some Aubrey Nicole products and Everyday Minerals. They don't contain the bismuth oxide that irritates so many people's skin. HTH
  12. Gin, I had the same problem with Dr. Brandt primer... that's why I was a little scared to try the AN one. I am crossing my fingers for you, too. I really do like it. I let my moisturizer soak in a while before I apply the primer ... then I wait a couple of minutes to let the primer settle in before putting on foundation. (I do my hair in the meantime.) I'd try a test area first because I know some skin can't tolerate the silica. I think SiouxCat? had posted about that ingredient in another
  13. Your dress is adorable! I agree with the purple smokey eye makeup. I found tuts here and here and a lighter one here Stila makes a Smokey Eye pallette that comes with instructions. You just punch the button and it tells you how to apply the makeup. Kinda fun. I saw it at Sephora. Hope you have fun!
  14. Colorstay rules! I still haven't found anything that matches its coverage and staying power.
  15. aw! your b/f is a sweetheart! he's a keeper! the glamor queen must have had one of those days when she was hoping she wouldn't see anyone she knew! LOL!