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  1. I thought that I should let my face run its course too, but my face looked like sh!t for a couple a months. I have had acne since I was 12 and I am now 15. I am so happy that my mom made me go to the derm. I told her I couldn't use bp related medicines, so she gave me some sulfur medicine called Rosula. This stuff is like BP without the dryness and irritation. Now my face is 97% clear! So def. get some help or research an at home alternative.
  2. I have given up many of my creams and cleansers too. I have had moderate acne for 3 years and the longest I have ever been clear was 2 days! I have been on retin-a, benzaclin, and many otc products. So I stopped 5 days ago, and started using all natural cleansers with very simple ingred. from the health food store, and oregano cream for an antiseptic. However, the main thing that helped me was eating a raw fruit or veggie with every meal. So 3 raw fruits or veggies everyday. I have been po
  3. Thanx for the replies. I have been using retin-a to no avail. I might try salicylic acid but I am scared.
  4. Hi, I have these tiny flesh colored bumps all over my face. They are non-inflammatory and they won't go away. I think they are comedones. I have been doing the baby brush method for almost 2 weeks and they are not clearing up. BP doesn't seem to help either. I was doing some research on jojoba oil which I have been using for 2 days now with tea tree oil mixed in and using that as a moisturizer/treatment. It said that jojoba oil helps unclog pores and get rid of comedones. Is this true and
  5. Mixing lemon juice and water as a toner and mixing TTO with my face cream helps! I have moderate acne.
  6. Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash- all natural and awesome! I buy mine from any health food store.
  7. Well, I my mom is half asian, so I guess I qualify . Anyway for a toner, I like mixing lemon juice and water in a small container. I usually use a 50/50 dilution, but if this stings too much, I would add more water. This controlled some of my oil, and cleared up some of my face, it also lightened some of the dark spots.
  8. Desert Essence tea tree oil bar (good) Complex 15 moisturizing lotion (awesome!)
  9. WOW. I remember when I had my worst breakout ever. Your skin looks irritated. You need to treat it with some TLC. I would recommend that you use a gentle cleanser like desert essence tea tree bar. It is really gentle and all natural. You can get it from a health food store. Wash your face like Dan does on his videos on his website. Barely touching the face. This made my face clear up alot. Use a gentle moisturizer once a day, and you will need to treat your pimples. Good options are be
  10. Try some of the natural cleansers from your local health food store. usually the less chemicals, the less irritation. I use desert essence tea tree cleansing bar because the tea tree oil kills bacteria and it is loaded with moisturizing goodies like jojoba oil which is a non-pore clogging moisturizing oil. This soap is non drying and my skin gets flakey easily. I really dont like cetaphil because I feel like i am putting slime on my face and some of my bumps started clearing when I stopped u
  11. If you dont want to use chemicals, then perhaps you should exfoliate with a baby (hair) brush 1-2x a week and apply a mask of honey and lemon juice for 15 minutes then wash off.
  12. I second ACV. When I started using it 2 weeks ago, it got rid of alot the tiny skin colored bumps and now the sides of my face are smooth. I am still using it and hoping it will get rid of the bumps in my T-zone though.
  13. I second the desert essence tea tree facial wash, good stuff and all natural. I also like the desert essence tea tree cleansing bar. My face isn't as oily, it is slightly moisturizing, and it doesn't break me out.
  14. No I have never tried that aveeno cleanser but i think i have tried the positively radiant one. I like that their all extremely gentle and they will probably be my fall back if my natural soaps don't work.
  15. Thanx spikeyli and cleardream for all your help, but I am allergic to zum. I'm afraid it took 4 weeks to come to the realization that the bumps all over my face were from a rash instead of pimples or a combination of the two. My mom and my uncle said it looked like a rash and I really wanted the GMR to work for me, but I needed to stop. I think I may have been allergic to the lavender oil or maybe the whole formulation but I don't want to risk trying another flavor. I am even scared to try t