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  1. That is so interesting. I don't even know where some of the scars came from but I lost a lot of weight rapidly after my pregnancy and there they were! Some are new, from cysts but I only got like one at a time for about six months. But some are old and I wonder if they were there all along and the weight loss/aging/giving all my vitamins to my baby helped them to show. Sorry to bug you, but I think I will take your advice and just do Tca. I am also interested in microneedling. Do you find t
  2. Thank you! I had a feeling that a combination of treatments should be favorable to just one laser. And I am afraid the c02re might be too harsh with unknown results. My concern now is that fraxel is apparently not permanent ? According to some real self users their scars were back within a few years. Also, I have scars that are in the remodeling phase, they are new but they ARE indented. Is this a good time to pursue treatment or should I wait? Thanks. you seem so knowledgeable.
  3. Hi, after a cystic acne bout during pregnancy I am sadly left with 1 linear excision scar from a cyst removal and some shallow boxcars. A few saucer type indentations and few ice picks++ pibmentation It's the kind of scarring that no one has ever mentioned noticing, but I see it in bad lighting and up close pictures. Nevertheless, I have consulted with two doctors, Both cosmetic surgeons. One suggested tca cross and fraxel. The other uses c02re laser and believed one round should show enough
  4. Okay, I'm going to keep the steri strips on for a good while then to keep the incision tight. thanks.
  5. Thank you, Jade! That is so reassuring to hear. I would be very content with a thin line. The only awkward thing is going to work tomorrow with the strips on my face. A whole lot of "What happened?" And I'm a private person about my acne. Oh well.
  6. Hi everyone, long time lurker here. I've never had great skin, and am prone to cystic acne because of hormones. During my last pregnancy I got a cyst on my cheek that didn't go away. When it did it left an awful textured scar, the kind that looks awful under harsh lighting because of the edges. So, I went to a PS to excise the area (and two pitted scars next to the cyst scar) I hope documenting my journey will be helpful to others. I'm one week post-op now. I'm a bit concerned that the middle of