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    Rock n Roll dancing, my motorbike, work, keeping fit, making sure I stay on accutane...
  1. Hey! Yeah I have another month left on the tane, been on this course for 3 months now. I'm more or less clear, having the occasional spot come up but nothing too major. Im seeing my derm on Thurs and asking for a short maintenance dose to make sure I have really blitzed my skin so I don't have to do this again (hopefully). The Udo's Choice blend of Omega 3 oils are the best I reckon, they stopped all my joint aches and helped my skin heal. The Australian Bush Flower mix is also great as it comb
  2. My skin is nearly clear! I went to bed the other day feeling a bit low about the lack of progress my skin seems to have made recently, and woke up the next morning doing a double take in the mirror as I hardly had a spot to be seen. Granted there are still red marks and red areas but they will fade and are not noticeable under makeup but I have two actives and no mahoosive spots! absolutely buzzing with that improvement...feeling so hyped about it. Plus people have been commenting on how good m
  3. Hey - sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, not been online really. Thanks for your message in my blog, nice to know that people drop by :) listed my homeopathic stuff and derm stuff in my reply. Hope you're OK, hope to hear from you again :) Ness x

  4. Hey - thanks for the comment - pm to follow I'm now on week 6, sorry for the late update but things have been mad! I've been working a few 12hr shifts at work having just quit my weekend job so trying to keep my weekday job going. Plus I've had to get out on my bike while the weather has been nice and I have petrol money! Its nice to see someone saying Im doing well getting through it...tane is tough stuff and its the 'takes one to know one' kinda thing with it I think. You cant know what i
  5. hey! sorry i took ages to reply to your comment- i will check out your tane blog again soon- yep im on my 4th month of tane and its going ok- still breaking out a little tho- arghhh!!!

    u enjoying the summer? been up to much? xxx

  6. Hey - all the best I had tane when I had just turned 17 and Im on it again now Ive just turned 20. My acne appeared when I was 9/10 so it was hard growing up having it, hence why I went private to get tane. I did notice that I was one of the younger loggers back then and still think the same now - a link to both logs is in my signature if you want to see how I did. Hope all goes well, keep us posted Ness
  7. True, though I was showering without wetting my face extensively - it didn't appear to make my skin any worse. Im taking a homeopathic version of tane to fight like with like and it has dramatically reduced the soreness and dryness without reducing the effectiveness of the tane. That as well as the massive horse-tablets of Omega oils...absolutely fantastic stuff. Update: Yesterday i forgot to wear concealer! Put foundation and powder on but not concealer and my skin actually looked OK. Had to
  8. I had my checkup with the derm clinic today and they were happy that all is well, peeing in a pot is never going to lose its joy :S I told the nurse about the exzema on my forearms and she prescribed some Betnovate cream to use as thats what I had last time. Now I have my month's supply... Not sure tane is actually doing anything though, I mean my skin is still really bad. The spots are drying up but they're still appearing. I'm sure my IB should be well and truly over by now... On a very posi
  9. Delayed update as I have been really busy...with work and making the most of the sun while it lasts by going out on my bike! Did 167 miles on Monday My skin is really dry. I mean REALLY dry. Its flaking off my face in sheets, I have exzema on my arms, my skin is peeling off the backs of my hands and thumbs where I've had my bike gloves on and vinyl gloves at work. My scalp is still not good and I've had a blister the size of...well its about 3cm x 2cm and its lasted a week. Think I'm going to
  10. hey gurl, i remember you! it's been a while... i still have acne lol, sorry that tane didn't work long enough :( how have you been?

  11. Hey - I seem to remember your username from the last time I was on acne.org when I was on tane a few years ago..you, me and MikeCL...unfortuentely Im back on tane :( it only kept me clear for a year/18mnths. I cant seem to find anyone who hung about from that time - do you know if Mike still comes on?

  12. DAY 16 Last night I had really bad back pain. I've never really suffered with my back before so it wasn't fun, I was awake until 2am when I decided to take some pain killers. Been painting a friends house today which has left me with aching shoulders but not feeling too bad today. My skin is stinging today though. Work tonight went well and I could talk to the customers without being in too much pain which is good considering the two mahoosive actives I have on my bottom lip right now. Emotion
  13. true, but my derm does a 4 month course as standard, like most. I weigh just under 60kgs which would make sense I suppose..?
  14. Mine havent gone dark but are really brittle...I'm using a nail strengthener to help...
  15. Hey sunrise - thanks for the support all second-timers together then! It does seem tougher this time around...whether its because Im hoping to God that this will sort it once and for all while still having the doubt that it didn't work first time, so why should it work this time...? Update: today I woke to find a new spot just under my bottom lip and it hurts like hell. However mum commented on how the area between my jaw and ear is clearing up and getting bigger and all the current spots look