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  1. Headspace

    How I Cleared My Skin

    Hi everyone, I've been on this website for a little while but I haven't posted in over a year. I was updating a post with my acne journey until September, 2017, but just lost track of time. My skin has cleared up so incredibly much. I had normal acne on combination skin and now I have very few typical breakouts. I do have some occasional cystic acne now that I'm working on a routine for, but this post is about general acne. My original post focused on the prescription products my dermatologist had suggested for me, this post will be more about what I'm going to continue my clear skin. I've used this routine for 8 months or more at this point. I use either a charcoal bar soap (Gender Bender by Perfectly Posh) or another gentle face/body bar soap once or twice a day (morning and night). Sometimes I wash my face with a gentle salicylic acid face wash if my skin is seeming particularly acne prone. If I'm having an extremely bad time with acne (rare) I use a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash. I also moisturize using a light facial lotion (I use Cetaphil moisturizer) once or twice a day, depending on how dry my skin is and how the weather is. Maybe once a week I do a face mask. I bought a large container of clay powder and have been using that for the past two years, mixed with water and occasionally a drop of peppermint oil if I really want a deep squeaky clean. If my face is dry I'll do an oatmeal and nut milk face mask. If my skin's feeling dull or not elastic I'll do a strawberry and oatmeal face mask. (Note - do NOT use peppermint oil on your skin if you have sensitive skin) I exfoliate once a week or every two weeks, I use a sugar scrub with a soap base and just use that to exfoliate and cleanse for that night. It's very important to add a little water to a sugar scrub if you're using it on your face, so you aren't just rubbing dry sugar across your face and causing micro-tears. Apart from actual skincare, I eat fairly healthy in general and I'm trying to get back into the habit of drinking as much water as my body needs. My skin is looking amazing and I continue to get compliments on how clear it is, plus my confidence has gone up so much in the past year. Feel free to comment for any clarifications. Happy skin care! Headspace
  2. Headspace

    1st Time Using Scripts for Acne

    It's been a few months, and my skin is better than ever! It took a few weeks to find exactly the routine for me, and I did have to adjust what the dermatologist recommended, but I still stick pretty closely to the regimen. I'm currently using - A 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash every 3 days or so A more gentle salicylic acid face wash most days Occasionally a homemade soap for when my skin is being sensitive Clindamycin phosphate, probably about once a week Tretinoin, once or twice a week (I have to say, I think the tretinoin is the thing that really worked for me And I do homemade clay masks once or twice a week I exfoliate maybe twice a month The texture of my skin is amazing, and whenever I see a pimple coming up I can usually zap it in less than a week. I used to get these weird pimples that never had heads and wouldn't pop, they looked like little beads under my skin almost. You couldn't see then unless you looked closely or in certain lighting, but they are completely gone. I never used to get compliments on my skin, but now I get them frequently. I didn't ever wear foundation before, but now I don't even need to. I will add that the beauty community often makes us think we need the gentlest cleansers and exfoliants out there, but sometimes you do need something stronger. I hope I helped someone by sharing my experience. Cheers, Headspace
  3. Headspace

    1st Time Using Scripts for Acne

    They recommended using sunblock, no particular brand, just SPF 50 or higher. And to not stay out in the sun for long periods of time for the first few weeks. Headspace
  4. Headspace

    1st Time Using Scripts for Acne

    I am still using the BP wash and the tretinoin cream, but I had a severe reaction to the Clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide. I got chemical burn all over my face, and for hours after applying the gel, my face burned and peeled. I went to my primary and they told me to discontinue use of that product. I have a new product to use, and will update after some time of being on that as well. Headspace
  5. I went to a derm to take care of what may be a keloid on my back, and they prescribed some topical acne products. They said that because I had a keloid on my back, and I have had acne on my back in the past, we should take care of my acne to prevent future keloids (if I have scarring type acne). I was told to buy a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash otc, and I have two scripts, one is a benzoyl peroxide gel treatment, the other is tretinoin aka Retin-A. I've washed my face three times with the wash (as instructed) and what I believe are closed comedomes are already shrinking. Any positive or negative experiences with these meds? I was happy to get topical meds with few to no side effects. (Mainly redness, itching, dryness, etc) I will update after a few weeks-a month on these products. Headspace
  6. Headspace

    What is this lump?

    Update: There was a small hole under the scab that has now healed up. The skin is still slightly red and looks tight, but otherwise appears normal. Have an appointment with a derm but it's not for a few weeks. Headspace
  7. Headspace

    What is this lump?

    Let me know how that goes! The scab fell off today. The skin underneath looks normal and I have no pain. Hopefully it isn't a recurring affliction. Headspace
  8. Headspace

    What is this lump?

    I had this lump between my eyebrows. It was hard, shiny, and white, but it wasn't too thick, it was just wide (nickel sized). A few days ago it started oozing fluid. Some of the fluid was clear, some was brown. A lot of it seemed to drain, but a scab seems to have appeared where it was. I've been washing my face regularly and mildly exfoliating and the scab is shrinking. I've gotten small lumps that drain clear fluid before, but this was bigger and looked worse. Any ideas what it was/is and how do I deal with it? Is it just a pimple? An infected pore? Or something more serious? I'm going to a derm to have a keloid removed. If it's still there I'll ask him about it. Thank you! Headspace
  9. Headspace


    Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, and moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer. When the pimples aren't inflamed, make a gentle scrub using oatmeal or coffee grounds, nothing too abrasive. Try not to touch your chin if you can. Headspace
  10. Okay, thank you! My skin has been going through a bit of a transition period (I've been keeping hydrated more than I used to, it's completely changed my life so far) and I'm waiting to finish that out before I try this method.
  11. Wow, that's awesome! I have a similar situation on my forehead, so I will definitely be trying this! What texture does the face wash have (big exfoliating beads, small beads, gritty powder)?
  12. I've tried and used a whole bottle of Neutrogena Sensitive Skin moisturizer with sunscreen. It's really light and moisturizes well. I would use it again.
  13. So I have combination skin, and mild acne. I wash my face twice a day with gentle hand soap. I moisturize (using a small bottle of Neutrogena's Sensitive Skin Moisturizer with Sunscreen that I had already, but it's running out) about once a day, and at night use a light lotion on my face (in the winter only). My first question is; if I wash twice a day, but moisturize/lotion as well, will that dry out my face/produce too much oil? My second question is; what are some good homemade moisturizers that won't make me break out? I'd like UV protection as well, so if someone could help me, I'd appreciate it. (Note: a user on here told me that coconut oil isn't great to use as a moisturizer as it clogs pores, and all of the homemade moisturizers use it as an ingredient. Should I try those recipes or not? I don't have much available money to spend on skin products, so I use what I can. Thank you for your time, comment if you'd like me to clarify anything, Headspace
  14. Headspace

    Medium fleshy bump dangerous?

    Update: So I went to my doctor and it turns out it's a tiny keloid, or an overgrowth of scar tissue. Not cancer. It's not dangerous but I'm going to a derm to have it removed. Headspace
  15. Hey, so I've had this small-medium bump on my back for a few (1-4) weeks now. It's mostly flesh colored, but it can become red if irritated. Most pimples I get on my back go away after a few days to a week. I've tried having someone (SAFELY) pop it, but it won't pop. It's hard, and approx. 1/4 inch in diameter. Please ask and I will give any more details. Thank you for your time, and I hope someone can help me, Headspace