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  1. it depends really...can take weeks,months or up to a year...
  2. maybe he will up de dose for a second course...mite do the trick hopefully
  3. well im 17 i have acne since bout 16, my dad said he gt it the same time but his was worse, told me his went away at 19 or so
  4. minocycline the antibiotic, u av to get a prescription though
  5. u cud try mino, it mite make it worse at da start but a small ting like dat shud be no problem
  6. yea i tink it generally ends when the parent you inherited the acne gene from finished puberty....shitty fukin genes
  7. yea i have given up drink and my face seens to be doin great....i however need to take 200mg of mino for good affect, im afraid that if i drink ill go back to the start, ya know
  8. ive been on mino 2 weeks now and its clearing me up, it always does but by drinkin alcohol on them i wash the drug out, then when i start again i break out is there any ways around this, does any1 else have this problem
  9. Like a curse It hurts so much. People dont realise the way you feel, For such a small thing but big in your heart, makes you wanna sit in the dark, Hopes up, to be let down, Wake up in the morning, to that reoccuring frown part 2 later,lol