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  1. Hey Hun (if that's your name), I went on accutane and it helped me alot. It will definitely help you in the long run. While I was on accutane, i read about taking accutane on low dosage (only 5 to 10 mg a day, instead of the 60 to 80 mg a day, depending on body weight, etc. . ). I thought about trying the low dosage, but was hesitant. My little sister (she's 18) has had mild acne for a while, but never anything bad. I suggested that she should take low dosage accutane and she did. She is
  2. Hi, i have a question about using tazorac. If I only use the tazorac gel on the bottom portion of my face, will the upper part be affected by the taz? Will taz only affect the parts of your face that you apply it too? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have been off of accutane for 7 months now. After using accutane, I started using tazorac to maintian and help with the scarring. I plan on getting laser treatement for the scarring, but the thickness of my face hasnt gone back to its original "thickness". I feel that my skin, especially on my forehead area, is thin and easily scratchable. I was wondering if anyone has had similar results. Do you think I should go off tazorac and see if my skin comes back to its original thickness.
  4. Hi, I'm on my fifth month of accutane with 80mg a day. I am very thankful for accutane since it has cleared my acne but I am still breaking out. I am only breaking out with a new pimple maybe once every other day. Does anyone know when the acne will stop coming completely? A little about my situation: I never had sever acne, maybe a couple of pimples at a time, I went and had Photo Dynamic Therapy and the next thing that happened was a nightmare. From the top of my forehead to the sides
  5. Hi, I've been using Accutane for the last 2 1/2 months and I have had great results. My little sister is taking tazorac right now and she wants to switch to accutane. She's going to the Derm next week and shes gong to ask all of her questions, but before she goes, I was wondering if anyone knows how long a person has to stop using tazorac before they go onto accutane. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has tried using the low dosage accutane. I read that recently published article that at 20 mg a day for 6 months that patients acne went away. Has anyone tried this out? Did you have a initial outbreak like taking accutane on a dosage of 80 mg or so? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Carys, Tazorac will help the fading of red marks? Did you start using it right after your course of accutane, or did you wait a while to use it?
  8. I've much appreciated everyone's insight in the war on acne. I've been on Accutane for 2 months now and my random but drastic break out with acne is going away. I know that a person can not/should not get anything done to there face for 6 months post accutane. I was reading that you can use topical meds to help fade the scars right after your couse of accutane is over. What is the best medication to use after getting off accutane to help fade the scars?
  9. From my understanging, aren't you supposed to wait 6 months after your course of accutane to do any sort of skin peel treatment?
  10. I am also going through that right now. I am breaking out on both sides of my jawline closer to my ears.
  11. I tried the Blue light/Levulan treatment before I went on Accutane. It didnt help me at all. Infact, im not sure if it was a coincidence, but my acne flared up like never before after my third treatment. It was the worst that I've ever had. My girlfriend thinks that it is because of the treatment, but I dont really know why it happened. Now I am on accutane and its been only a month, and so far so good. I wish I had done it earlier. IMHO, If I were you, i would skip the blue light and go o
  12. I'm on accutane and my face is itching pretty bad. Should I use aloe vera gel to calm it down? If anyone has had this happen, can you let me know what you have used in the past. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I have noticed in the U.S. accutane comes in gel cap form, and in Europe it is a tablet. Does it matter that theres a difference? I wonder if the absorbtion rate is different or something
  14. I was doing some research online and I found this http://www.genengnews.com/news/bnitem.aspx..._NEWSML_WEB.xml it states that all 14 of 14 patients got rid of all of there acne with three treatments. what was used: -Levulan & VBeam I know that you can get photodynamic therapy with the blue light for $300. I am hoping to find a Dermatologitst in the S. Cali area that will do the photdyanmic threapy with the VBEAM. If anyone knows any derm that does this, can you let me know. Thanks.