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  1. You've done so much incredible research. That OCM sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

  2. great mask recipie! Im gonna try it out tonight.

  3. Oh...I use photoshop too. Yeah, ur background is nice.

  4. Thanks, J.C. I use Photoshop. I have a background in graphic design.

  5. Hi, Mandy! I'm actually set on buying the souffle tonight... I've heard it can cause a really bad purge at first, though. Any related breakouts so far?
  6. Barn, I like ur avatar. How did u make it so nice? using software?

  7. You're welcome! And to answer your question, the egg white from one egg lasts me about three applications. I keep the leftovers in one of those plastic gladwear containers in the fridge.
  8. Mandy's correct. Plus, fresh is better. Don't use prepackaged egg whites on your face... they most likely contain preservatives and other junk that are not appropriate for skincare.
  9. Hey, guys. I just thought I'd share this mask with you guys because it works great for me. I only do natural skincare for my face (with the exception of Godiva cream) so I'm constantly mixing up new treatments to use and this is my latest concoction. If you like egg white masks, you will looove this. Your skin will look awesome after rinsing this off and after a good night's sleep, you will notice a difference in your overall skintone in the morning (note: results will vary depending on your
  10. OK, this is only semi-related, but I LOVE enemas. I get the home-kit flax ones from the drug store. I do them once a month. Erm... but, as much as I love them, I would never do them every day for three days. That's bad.... your pooper will not be happy. D:
  11. Why is everybody getting so defensive as soon as someone proposes the possible risks in using this? I can understand wanting to spread the good news, but seriously, the only reason you would get so defensive about it is if you secretly harbor doubts yourself that you are supressing for the sake of clear skin. And if you don't have said feelings, then why get so upset at all? Anyway, no matter what anyone tells you, oil on your face is not the cause of acne or breakouts. Your skin's sebum is
  12. The two oils really aren't comparable, since they are mainly used for different things. Jojoba is a popular oil used by people of all skin types because it has a low comedogenic profile and dissolves sebum while simultaneously mimicking it to balance the oil production of your skin and effectively moisturize it. Emu oil on the other hand, I have found, is celebrated at being somewhat of a miracle oil. People use it for all sorts of things! It is highly penetrating and is excellent for people
  13. Erm.. it doesn't make me ooze, but it does irritate my skin. It turns what mild blemishes I have into gigantic, red, irritated monsters that are painful to touch and take forever to go away.
  14. If you decide to use honey, I suggest finding raw honey. Raw honey is unprocessed and contains all of the organic compounds deposited by the bees, including important enzymes. As for what honey does.... Honey contains a slew of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial and nourishing to your skin. It contains natural alpha hydroxy acids and for this reason is often used as a mask to exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, but the added benefit is that honey is gentle enough fo
  15. I think it really just depends on your skin and how sensitive it is to the ingredients in the product you're using.