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  1. I'm happy the things you're doing are making your skin better! I don't use anything on my face but water so it can't be moisturizer but I do wear makeup sometimes and when i do i take it off with water and argan oil but i don't think it makes a difference. My forehead is soooo smooth now and my cheeks are doing better - almost all red pimples are gone and im just left with clogged pores. My chin is not doing that well but it's my most problematic place and I think it's going to take some time si
  2. That's nice! good luck!! alsoo my update is: my forehead is almost clear. my problem areas are my cheeks and my chin but since i started the caveman my forehead was covered in little bumps and i could see the pores almost pushing out dirt or whatever that was so i guess it's done now. im just hoping the same happens for the rest of my face. there are a lot of blackheads on my chin now but i think they will all eventually start to push the toxins out like the pores on my forehead so im hopeful.
  3. I don't really know if i can do this for that long if i don't see any improvements at all so i plan on going back to light natural skin care after 3 months without better results. i'm still hoping for it to work though. I guess the worst thing is clogged pores all over the face still and a lot more pimples on my back too which is making me pretty sad since it's summer. i really appreciate the feedback ☺️
  4. Yes I tried even with supplements and after my acne got really bad and painful after taking vit d i went and got a blood test for almost all supplements and they all came back okay so im guessing there's nothing wrong with that but i think my acne might be hormonal so the caveman regimen won't work if that's the case but i wanted to try it out anyways. Now I'm having a low point i would say bc everything o my skin is so clogged everywhere and it just looks awful and i expected to see some result
  5. I was on benzoyl peroxide for some time but stopped using it around 3 months ago and i was just using face masks and a lot of moisturizer + spot treatment and a toner before i started doing caveman which seemed to be working fine for my skin. I was honestly just tired of my routine and thought that i won't want to be using products and hoping for them to work for the rest of my life. (i also have back and chest acne and im doing the caveman for them too - i forgot to say that im doing the method
  6. Sooo I made this account just to start this topic because I took a picture of my skin today and it looks soo bad. I started the caveman regimen a little more than 3 weeks ago and yes i know I should at least try it out for 2 months but i really need some advice (feel free to ask for background etc). Any advice would be helpful please. this is how my skin looked before i started doing the caveman regimen so around 3 weeks ago and this is how it looks right now