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  1. I am thinking it might be the climate differences..
  2. Morning and Night Cleanse with warm water BP 5% Moisturize I drink a lot of water(min. 2 liters a day) and have been eating a lot of salads and vegetables lately. Sometimes I interchange BP with TTO, but that doesn't seem to have any effect..
  3. have been dipping for a week. There is some slight improvement on my skin. Instead of those big red pimples that seems to grow larger and larger, I have been getting some small whiteheads in my problem area. Those goes away in a day or two. I fill my sink with hot, but still bearable water. After drying my face, I put on BP and moisturize...anyone done the same?
  4. I am taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at night..is that too much? Do you guys swallow them? I can't resist to bite and chew at the capsules..
  5. I am 17, male. I have been getting acne since 13. First it started out as one or two pimples, and I was not too concerned about my face... Until I moved to Hong Kong(2 years ago), my face started getting worse. I have tried BP and Tea Tree Oil, none of that really worked well with me. I would I say I have a pretty balanced diet but nothing I have tried within my power cleared me up. I am thinking it may be the hot humid climate in Hong Kong that was the cause of my acne..because when I tr